T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Completed Projects...

There has been a lot of scrambling to complete Christmas gift projects along with studying for finals and completing final school papers. But, today I am officially done with fall 2010 semester. Not all the projects are completed. But taking inventory of some of the ones that are does make me feel a little less stressed.

The disclaimer on these is my sewing machine is really starting to act up. It's about to celebrate is 10 year anniversary and is in desperate need of some maintenance. The tension can no longer be adjusted so unless the fabric is exactly the right texture, my seams are a bit rough. So, if you receive one of these gifts, please know I was up against a time crunch and could not stop to take the machine in for repair.

JKMommy introduced me to upcycling. I cannot recall the tutorial that I used. Generally I read it once and then I can sew what I want from there. This is my complete project. Wool longies with matching sweater. This I made from an old GAP ladies sweater I found at the thrift shop. What's awesome is the longies also double as a diaper soaker. I had to put a bow on her, though, because the outfit is blue. Next one will be orange. I haven't found a pink sweater yet. And no - contrary to what I thought and what you might be thinking - not itchy or hot.

Next project completed - a couple of girly monsters. The one on the right is my favorite because I gave her pigtails.

Hat with matching scarf - at least one is sure to fit. Not sure if the hat will but at least it makes the scarf look cuter, right?

A pair of Batman lounge pants with matching Batman cape. Here's hoping the little guy it's for will allow his mom a break from wearing his Batman costume non-stop.

I love dressing the kids in matching outfits. Here are the toddler/lounge pants they get to enjoy during December. Their bare feet are actually my favorite part of the photo but the pants are cool, too.

And here are my little helpers all excited to play with the outgoing packages while I printed labels for then. I think shipping cost more than all the materials that went into the projects. But at least by printing my own labels I was able to save a few extra dollars.

More projects to come. Let's see if I make my impending deadline...

So, how prepared are you with only 11 days until Christmas?


Jenners said...

As always, I'm so impressed. And I know who that Batman outfit is for and I think it looks great ... I'm sure it will be a big hit!!!

Rey said...

I LOVE the upcycled outfit! You can't even tell it's upcycled!
I made monsters year before last and I've been asked by family to make more this year too. So you may see those on my finished projects list too! The pigtail one is my fave as well!
PJ pants! I bet, like us, they become a Christmas tradition!
Your knitting...sigh...
If you were closer I'd so make you teach me to knit! I'm thinking of attempting to put it on my "list of things to learn" this year. I would really love to learn!
Looks like you've done good! What people don't realize is how long it takes (especially when your machine is acting up- I had to borrow my sisters!) But I understand it for sure!
You are awesome!

Ginger said...

Wow! How do you do it all? I'm simply amazed.

I love the little monsters and the knitted hats and scarves. You have always been so talented.

Hopefully the little one is sleeping so you can get some rest also.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Kim said...

AMAZING my friend. I love that idea of upcycling. I've seen it on a few design shows where they took recycled sweaters and made decorative pillows. I love what you've done here though.

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

I have to admit I am not very prepared at all. Ordered quite a few things online the few days that are on the way and heading to Target tomorrow to maybe finish up?!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the upcycled outfit!! And the Batman! And the matching Christmas jammies. Sooo cute!!! I wish I could sew. One of these days I may take it on. :)

Caitlin said...

I LOOOOOOVE the upcycled outfit! I am VERY impressed!
Joseph will be over the moon about the Batman outfit I'm sure! and I will be glad to see him in something soft and washable again!

Bowler Family said...

Thank you for the Christmas gifts. They were thoughtful. I especially liked the color book and I am thinking of keeping it myself. :)

JKMommy said...

Those Girly Monsters are ADORABLE!!!! Love them! :) Especially the pigtails. WOW you have been busy ... I am trying to make decorations for my sister's 30th bday party - ruffling streamer paper and making paper pennant banners...

I love the upcycled wool longies! Did you do a matching sweater with the rest of the fabric? I just bought another sweater to try this project again this time WITHOUT felting. AND I am 1/2 way done with 4 dryer balls! :) yay!
Way to go with all your projects! I am no where near done for Christmas. Sigh!!

Emily said...

You're UNBELIEVABLE! I like Ging, agree that you have always been so talented!

Love your little girls hair. She is growing up so fast. Sigh.

Hope you're having a very merry Christmas season!

septembermom said...

You blow me away with all that you get accomplished. Anyone who receives one of your amazing creations is very lucky!