T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Tree Shopping...

 Our little guy was just a little excited to go tree shopping...

After nap time, he called his dad at work and told him he wanted to "Go Christmas tree shopping at the Christmas tree place so we can put an angel at the top." So sweet!!!

On the rare occasion that T Rex Dad and I have purchased a tree, this is the place we've always gone - Elves Christmas Tree Forrest. We were looking for a tree 4-6 feet tall tree that we can put on a table so the kids cannot pull it down or Bebe Sister, who's just a little obsessed with power cords, doesn't get a shock.

T Rex was just a little overwhelmed by all the tree choices. This year will be the first time he's had a live Christmas tree in the house.

Bebe Sister has been teething horribly. Not sleeping much during the day or night. In fact, this is what she and all of us want for Christmas! I can only defer to Santa on this one!

Thus, in the photos she's a little groggy and sad but at least the outing was a distraction from her cries and moans. I read in one of my medical books that if adults had to go through teething, we'd request narcotics for pain management. I can only relate her pain to the times I had my braces adjusted when I was an adolescent/teen (5 years of braces). Not fun. 

She's also in her front facing pack. This is actually one of my least favorite packs for carrying her. I prefer my "hip hammock" because it holds her facing me but I forgot it back at the house. This is my emergency pack that I carry in the car. It works in a pinch and she seemed fine with it.

We love this place because they have a mini Ferris wheel. Next year we'll bring one of T Rex's stuffed guys to to ride the wheel. He was enamored by it.

 Yeah - a family photo! We rarely get one of these. I'm thinking Christmas card!

I told you she was exhausted. Poor dear. This is also a good perspective of her size. She still fits comfortably in her infant car seat. I don't think she'll make 20lbs by her first birthday so she'll probably be rear facing for a while. She's our petite girl. But as you can see from the family photo, I'm no Amazon so I guess she takes after her mama!

P.S. I made their hats and her polka dot pants.

Live or artificial tree?  Do you have a special place you get your tree? Or a special memory of a tree you had as a child?


Anonymous said...
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Camie said...

We have an artificial tree. I love that it's quick to clean up and can be put up earlier in the holiday, but I miss the smell that comes with a live tree. I also miss the excitment of going and finding that perfect tree.

Caitlin said...

Love all of the pictures! Especially the family one! What a handsome family!

We ALWAYS have gotten a live tree and going to the tree farm is one of my biggest highlights of the holiday season!! (Also our tree is always Douglas fir- except for the two years we chopped one down from the forest in Idaho!)
Such a wonderful smell!
(needles are a pain now that I am actually in charge of cleaning them though...)

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

I've always had a real tree. As a kid and now with my own family. This year was not very exciting for us though as the local grocery store had by far the cheapest trees so that is what we opted to do. I want to find a place to cut down my own next year. I think the kids would love that!

Love your family photo :)

Kim said...

Love those hats and pants!!!! We have had the same artificial tree for a few years but want to start buying a live one next year. T Rex is so smart! I like what you say about adults teething, I sense that too. It must be so painful for them and I'm sure we wouldn't handle it as well. Naveen just got two that cut through (Deaglan didn't get teeth till almost ten months).

I love that family picture. It definitely belongs on a mantle.

JKMommy said...

That photo is PERFECT for a Christmas card - ugh we don't have a good photo for this year's card!!!
LOVE the polka dot pants & hat! CUTE CUTE. Can't believe how tiny she is - mine is already 20 lbs!!! ahhh!
We do cut a tree every year... we used to skip around to try out tree farms but lately we have gone to my aunt's sister-in-laws tree farm... we like hunting for a good tree! :)

Emily said...

Poor little dear and her two front teeth...I hope she gets 'em soon.

You are 'no amazon' for sure! I on the other hand...hunch all together too much so I don't feel amazon. The only problem is then I look like an Amazon with a Hunchback...dang. :)

Cutest kids and their handmade duds!

You are something special!!

Jenners said...

T-Rex looks so cute with his little Santa hat.

And poor Bebe Sister .... teething is a painful process. I remember it well.

We have a fake tree because that is what we both grew up with ... and I cannot stand the smell of real trees. I find it too strong and overwhelming.

And that would make a great Christmas card!

Rey said...

That first picture is awesome! I just love the whole perspective of it!
I hope Santa can help with bebe sisters teething situation ; )

I have a seven foot artificial tree. It works for us. Though, there is nothing quite like the smell of a real tree!

Nina said...

I love taking the boys to get a tree. We went two weeks ago and picked it out as it snowed. I was so mad that I forgot my camera. I always get great pictures as we pick out our tree.

I like your idea of having it up high. I don't need it anymore but I remember the days of little ones and trying to keep them out of the tree.

That would be a great Christmas card photo.

Hope you all get some sleep soon.

shell said...

Great post. Seems like a lot of fun picking out the tree. Have you guys already decorated it yet??

septembermom said...

We have an artificial tree. We did have real trees when my oldest was a baby. I can still remember how my husband grumbled when I picked the biggest tree in the lot!!

Love all the pictures :)