T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life is Good...Wait and See

Both kids have their very first ear infections. 

We took the wait and see approach with T Rex meaning no antibiotics. This was appropriate because of his age and that he was asymptomatic. However, when he developed a fever and ear pain a week later this tells us the infection has not cleared on its own. 

Bebe Sister was also diagnosed with an ear infection earlier this week. Temperature of 103 with accompanying chills. All this at the tail end of the cold/virus. Clearly indicating bacteria took advantage of the situation. After 24 hours of antibiotics she was feeling 100% better. Hence, the bacteria must be sensitive to the amoxicillin she took. Therefore, when T Rex manifested symptoms this morning, we opted to start the same antibiotics obviously with different strengths.

I liked the "wait and see" approach with the ear infection. It keeps the use of antiobiotics down. Antibiotics account for more adverse drug reactions than any other drug - blood thinners and heart medications included. Additionally, one in six ER/urgent care visits are due to adverse reactions from antibiotics - usually allergy related. Plus, at least half of ear infections are viral and therefore antiobiotics will not be useful.

The "wait and see" approach is not appropriate for everyone - babies under 6 months should always be treated. If there is pain or the infection is severe - treatment should be initiated. Really, the wait and see approach is for otherwise healthy children with uncomplicated otitis media (middle ear infection).

Despite 8 straight weeks of illness and utilizing the health care system way too much lately, life is still good. Especially when I see how much love these kids have for each other.


Kim said...

Oh my goodness, these are the cutest pictures!!! T Rex is so good with her - not surprising though. I think you are so right about the wait and see approach. In Canada, they passed a new law that two year olds and older will no longer get prescribed antibiotics for ear infections. In Deaglan's first year at daycare between one and two years old, he had five ear infections. Eventually the antibiotic they kept prescribing stopped working. I wished I had been less ignorant and just waited it out. Now I feel much more confident in waiting. Sorry to hear about all the illness. I know that when I go back to work in June, it may hit us big time since both boys will be at daycare fulltime:(.

Emily said...

8 weeks?? You poor dear. I thought we had it rough, and it only lasted 1 week. Keep up the happy attitude...after this major cleanse you will surely enjoy good health for a long spell.

We also believe strongly in the "wait and see" approach...it has worked wonderfully for us. In fact, our kids have NEVER yet been on antibiotics...or even Tylenol. Knockin' on wood...real hard!:)

Healthy wishes to you all!

Rey said...

Firstly, the love in these pictures is too precious for words!
I'm so happy you shared them!
Second, I'm so sorry to hear that both kids have been ill! Poor babies! Poor parents!
Last, I believe in that approach as well. I hate that so many people are too lax about just medicating their children. I've had a wonderful pediatrician who helps us look for the signs that tell us when meds are indeed needed. Sometimes, even with the knowledge, it's hard to make that call. My husband has a severe allergy to penicillin. So we've been very cautious about trying out antibiotics. The older two have taken penicillin based antibiotics a few times now and have done fine. The youngest (6yrs) just had her FIRST this year and she developed a complete body rash from it. I'm thankful she didn't need the antibiotics when she was younger/smaller!
(While on the sort-of subject, I also hate it when people give their kids benadryl to make them sleep!) What the junk!!?? I've heard of this several times, from people I know!! (sorry to offend anyone that might do this, but seriously!?)

Jenners said...

Those photos are sooooooo cute!! Their love for each other is so obvious.

And ick on the ear infections. Luckily, the Little One has NEVER gotten one (knock on wood). But he does tend to get strep throat.

I like that our pediatricians don't prescribe a lot of antibiotics. I've see some kids getting them for every little thing.

lizhasalife said...

This has to the be the sweetest educational post I've ever read. I was "ooohhhing and ahhhinng" over those sweet pics and then going "oh" and "wow, didn't know that" while I read :) Thanks!

I love how they are so sweet with each other :) My kiddos are the same way!

Ginger said...

Sorry about the ear infections....NO FUN! We too are firm believers in the "wait and see" approach especially since Perry's "Cdiff" was caused by an antibiotic. When we think our kids are developing an ear infection we just put a few drops of garlic oil in their ears and it seems to clear up the symptons...thank you Emily Mortensen for the advice :)

Hopefully you stay well and can get all your studying done! Good job being flexible!

septembermom said...

Those pictures are so cute!!! It's beautiful to see how their little bond is getting stronger and stronger. Bebe Sister is going to worship every step that T-Rex takes. Hope you all stay healthy. You need a break!

JKMommy said...

These pictures are just darling - I can see them in a frame side by side! :) I cannot WAIT to have TWO so they can kiss and hug and love on each other!!! Awww.

Sorry to hear about the ear infections though - not fun!! But I agree with you that wait and see is best with an otherwise healthy child. :)

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Those photos are precious.

We are definitely the wait and see type of family. And are very fortunate that Hubby has his tools and can look into ears if he needs to.

Great post :)

Caitlin said...

Yes, but that still doesn't explain how you do the crafting/baking/sewing/keeping your house so clean...etc! :)

I STILL wonder how you do it!

mitchsmom said...

Good post...

Wow, one in six ER/urgent care visits are due to adverse reactions from antibiotics ... & I still see them overused at my work and among friends/family...

I literally cannot remember the last time anyone in our house used an antibiotic... definitely years ago, fortunately (we are past the toddler illnesses ages :)...