T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, January 24, 2011

This is how...

So, ever wonder how I get my studying done these days?

Last year when Bebe Sister was just a tiny bug, this was how I studied. It was delightful. But now that she's walking (more on that as soon as I get a video uploaded) and for the most part no longer an infant but rather a toddler, I have to be a bit more creative.

I set up bins of toys in a line in the living room. Then I sit with my laptop on the couch so that I can look directly over my laptop and see what they are doing. Bebe Sister is at that stage where she kind of needs to be watched constantly because she can turn anything into a choking hazard. T Rex is actually getting much easier and he can go into the playroom for 15 minutes and I can be fairly certain he has not climbed out the window or built a bomb or set something on fire - I'm sure this is all forthcoming. 

However, as you can see, it leaves quite the wake of devastation. That's alright, when these photos were taken I was actually mid-lecture. And sometimes the kids take interest in my lectures and want to come listen or watch - that's actually pretty cute. 


The best piece of advice anyone every gave me as a new parent - be flexible. This is one example of me being flexible. 

What was the best piece of parenting advice any one ever gave you?


Erin said...

Don't sweat the small stuff, they are only this age once! best advice I ever got!

septembermom said...

I'm always mid-lecture :) They look like they are having fun which is what matters most. I find that being flexible is essential for any parent. The best piece of parenting advice I ever received was laugh more.

Guess what? I did the vlog. Hope I didn't look too tired :)

Emily said...

She is so cute! They both are!! And you are amazing...completely and totally!

Oh...I've received lots of good advice...I suppose today I'll pick...
"Take life just one day at a time" as my favorite.

You are wonderful!

Jenners said...

Best advice I got was "accept any help offered." And you're right ... flexibility is key. Without it. you'll got nuts!

JKMommy said...

My sister in law keeps telling me "It will get better" LOL and I keep saying that to myself whenever I get overwhelmed! :)
But definitely Be Flexible is HUGELY good parenting advice - it's like a MUST have! :)

I love the way you study by the way - I might have to adopt that and call it "The Way I Blog" b/c since A. is so busy these days, that is going to be the only way I get any writing done! :) (otherwise it's up till midnight for me! haha)

Kim said...

Great tactic! I may try it. I am constantly amazed that you are studying such intense subject matter while taking care of these two angels. I feel overwhelmed just taking care of my two. I can't imagine having to study to become a rocket scientist too - well I would say nurse practioner is more important than rocket science.