T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Illness - Round 2

Well, we're only 3 months into 2011 and we've been hit by another really tough bug. Seriously, the bugs are getting tougher. And, of course, the babies always get hit the hardest. We were all holding steady until Bebe Sister reached day five of fever at 103 F. T Rex also had the fever but he seemed to be on the upswing.

When our little girl turned into a limp rag doll, I finally conceded and took her into pediatric clinic. After two practitioners looked her over and expressed major concern for her appearance, they concluded that she had early pneumonia. We went ahead and administered the antibiotics she was given. And within 24 hours she was back to her happy, tutu wearing self.

She must have really scared her pediatric nurse practitioner because she's called every day for the past 3 days, checking for updates and ensuring that she's recovering well. And indeed, she is. In fact, I think she is better than everyone.

T Rex started to really cough hard a few days ago. We had a not-so-pleasant moment at the dinner table involving too much coughing while eating. In fact, his coughing has been so bad he has lost his desire for eating. So back to the clinic today. This time I also had them look at me.

The conclusion - T Rex has an ear infection and sinus infection which seems to be triggering his latent asthma. Me - only a sinus infection. T Rex Dad has a sinus infection, too, I am certain (I diagnose these things all the time), but he was busy deploying a project at work so he could not leave to get an official diagnosis.

Augmentin, an antibiotic, and the same one Bebe Sister is taking, was prescribed all around. However, the practitioner did something that I also like to do - she said, "You decide if you want to fill it. If you think it's not clearing on its own, fill it. But if you do take it, know there are lots of potential side effects so let's talk about those." I don't know if this is the antibiotic I would have prescribed but I did like her approach. She also prescribed some oral steroids for T Rex. We will be waiting on the antibiotics but 'roid rages, here we come.

It was pretty darn sad - when she asked what we were being seen for, he replied, "Can you make the cough go away?" It was so sweet and sad at the same time. All morning at breakfast he kept asking me the same thing. It really breaks my heart when my kids are sick. And it's made even worse when they plead with me to "Make me feel better."

I guess I am realizing there are limits to my mom magic. Sometimes I cannot make the hurts go away. Right now my kids still think a kiss can heal all that ails, but I think those days are numbered. But why lament something I have no control over? For now, I'll just enjoy these precious remaining moments where I am still the healer and hero.


Erin said...

OH NO!!! You poor things! I just got over a horrible sinus infection and my youngest was back on the "roids" for a severe asthma issue last week.

I sure hope they outgrow it!

Glad everyone is on the mend!!!

Jenners said...

Sorry to hear you're faced with this again. It is so awful when kids are sick. It makes you wish you had a magic wand.

Kim said...

TERRIBLE!!! I can't believe it's come back. I'm truly sorry to hear this because I know how hard it is to have sick tiny people. That picture of Bebe Sister in the Tutu should be in a magazine. It's breathtaking!

shell said...

good to hear you guys are on the mend though... we miss you all. Very cool that sis brought by some gumbo to help.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

I hope they feel better. My kids have been sick too and it is heartbreaking. Get well!

septembermom said...

It's so tough when the kids are sick. I wish I had a fairy wand to make all those nasty sicknesses go away for these cute little ones.

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

We were back and forth sick too for like a month. NO FUN!! Especially when the babies can not tell us what hurts.