T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, April 22, 2011

G and G's Celebration Photos...

It was a nice, causal celebration for T Rex Dad's folks - celebrating 60 years of marriage and Dad's 85th birthday. Here's are several photos to document the event.

En route - T Rex was just a little excited. Interesting that he wanted his stuffed Rudolph along for the ride, too.

Grandpa entertaining the kids while we waited for the pizza to arrive.

Mom and daughter photo.

T Rex wanted a photo on the golf course with his Cars.

Bebe Sister enjoying the lovely spring day.

Pointing at the aunties trying to make her smile.

Holding "Meow-ie" - a $1 purchase that has become the beloved luvie.

T Rex had a great time playing with Aunt J.T. She was kind to listen to his Cars tales.

Prepping the battlefield - getting ready to take a family photo. How we get Bebe Sister to smile.

The resulting photo. Turned out pretty nice.

My handsome guys.

G&G and their four children. Yes, T Rex Dad in the back is the youngest of 4 - all older sisters.

The happy couple. I hope T Rex Dad and I are as spry at our 60th anniversary celebration.

Three generations.

With my little guy - toward the end I lost the dress and opted for comfortable jeans. It was too late for T Rex's clothes - they already had grass stains. But he had the best time playing on the golf course. With it being a Saturday afternoon, the course was well traveled and we even dodged a few balls as well as threw some back.

I love happy and casual celebrations such as this one. I never get tired of smiling at these kinds of things.

What kinds of occasions make you smile? Alternatively, how do you get everyone to smile for family photos?


septembermom said...

Beautiful photos!! I love them all. The dresses are so cute on both of you. T-Rex and his dad looked very handsome too. I'm glad that you all had a wonderful time. Happy Easter!

Kim said...

I especially love the picture of the four of you. I've given up on making the kids smile. I think some of the candid shots are better anyway - more interesting to look at.

Caitlin said...

Excellent pictures! Definitely frame- worthy! You ladies had such BEAUTIFUL dresses on and the guys looked so handsome.
PS Trex mom you are looking so THIN! I did an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill after looking at those photos! Haha!

JKMommy said...

Oh I love Bebe Sister's dress... the photo of you and Bebe Sister all dressed up - so pretty! and your family is certainly a fun-loving family!! Great pics!

Rey said...

GORGEOUS photos!

Erin said...

What great photos you got! I loved the family photo, it came out so wonderful!

Jenners said...

Your family is just lovely. And Bebe Sister is turning into quite the fashionista!