T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cloth versus Disposable...Fashion and Comfort

I don't know about you but when I'm selecting something to wear there are usually two concepts I consider - comfort then fashion. So, when considering what to put on my little baby's soft derriere why not consider these two options. Especially with warm weather approaching and the opportunity for roaming free with only a diaper to keep the breeze away.

A week or so ago I found an old, yet un-used, disposable diaper in the house from baby T Rex days. I was actually quite excited because I had been thinking of trying the comparison on Bebe Sister but I did not want to purchase a package of diapers just to try make the comparison.

Here is our daughter photographed in each of the options. There's no question which she prefers in the comfort realm. And there also no question which she or I prefer in the fashion department.

First, the disposable diaper:

She tried successfully to take it off. As T Rex said, "Mama, she doesn't like paper pants. They're disgusting". Two things about this comment. One, anything that T Rex doesn't like is disgusting so I don't think he really thinks they are that bad. Secondly, Bebe Sister has not worn disposable diapers in over a year so it's no wonder she does not like the way they feel. How would you feel if you strapped on paper and plastic pants?

Now for the cloth diapers:
Serious cuteness. And with the option for snaps - she cannot take these off even if she wanted to.

Ironically, the five minutes that Bebe Sister wore the disposable diaper she actually did pee in it. Thus, I actually had a disposable diaper in the trash this week. A first in a very long time. In fact, with not having any diapers to throw away, we really don't make much trash.

There you have it - cloth wins out - comfortable AND fashionable with the bonus of no stinky trash.

When choosing clothes for yourself or your children, what is important to you - comfort, fashion, or something else?


Emily said...

She is really such a DOLL!

Comfort, Fashion and Ease. Someday...I'll get brave enough. ;)

Jenners said...

She looks so cute in her cloth diapers. I think her preference shows on her face!

Kim said...

She is downright adorable. I love letting the kids run around like this. So, so cute!

I actually did nothing for my birthday. Shaune had school and work. He came home in between with balloons and a cake and nice pair of earrings. It was a good day because I spent it with my kids:)

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

great post!

CUTENESS is definitely a factor to cd :)

septembermom said...

So adorable! I love her facial expressions.

I tend to go for comfort when I buy clothes for the kids. I think it is an added treat if they turn out fashionable too!

JKMommy said...

so cute! Yes, comfort and fashion!! :) I hate the way disposables look on my baby - so not cute! And they have a funny smell that makes me gag - especially when they get peed in.
The cloth diapers are just SOOOOO much cuter.
But honestly my baby doesn't seem to care what kind of diaper I put him in! Although he discovered he has a car print diaper and LOVES it LOL- otherwise, not concerned. There's a guy for you! :)