T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mommy's Taking Us to the Zoo Tomorrow...

T Rex has been singing this song for the past few weeks. And we all know that tomorrow eventually arrives, right? So, tomorrow was today. And what a glorious day for the zoo. Of course, it is the Friday of spring break here in Idaho so combined with perfect weather conditions it translates to "everyone and any young child they know went to the zoo today". But it was actually quite a lot of fun.

T Rex Dad took a long lunch and made the trip with us. Rarely do we both get to go with the kids to the zoo so we took lots of photos and had just the best time.

Here are some highlights...(be forewarned - lots of photos)

T Rex earned a new toy a couple weeks ago - a Playmobil penguin pool. He's really into penguins at the moment. Therefore, our first major stop - the penguin pool.

We have a really amazing wallaby encounter area where you can actually walk among the wallabies. Today they were eating so none of them came right up to us. However, one mama had a baby in her pouch and that was particularly interesting. If you zoom in on the photo by clicking on it, you might see the baby's head hiding behind the rock. It was just too cute.

We also have a "petting zoo" component at our little local zoo. Mostly it is just goats and sheep with a few llamas mixed in. But the kids can purchase pellets to feed them. And the animals are so gentle with the kids. There used to be a goat at the barn where I kept my horse. It was the peskiest goat. I would have NEVER paid money to feed that thing. There was a reason my horse used to try to run him down all the time. But somehow having kids does change one's perspective. Seeing the glee on T Rex's face as he fed the goats was well worth the $1 we spent.

Can't for get the tigers...

Then a brief stop at the prairie dog exhibit since they were all out enjoying the sunshine. Bebe Sister LOVED them. She was riding in the back pack and she kept tapping my shoulders, pointing, and then would let out a little squeal of happiness.

Before we stopped for lunch, we played in the sandbox and went down the giraffe slide a few times. Nothing like getting good and dirty before eating, right?

Then a brief lunch...

We took the stroller to cart around jackets and supplies but it was handy to have along as an eating area for Bebe Sister. However, she still preferred being carried on my back. Here are some photos I took of her while we watched the lions.

Across from the lions are the giraffes. We have a new giraffe. The elder one, Joseph, takes such good care of this little guy. And he's charming. (Click to zoom in for a better view.)

Then, time to go home for naps before toddler melt down ensues.

Indeed, a most enjoyable time.

Do you have a zoo that you frequent? If so, what are the must see animals on your list?


Anonymous said...

C-Man loves the Monkeys!!!

septembermom said...

Jillian and I are big flamingo fans. My boys like the tigers and gorillas. We go to our local zoo multiple times a year. My kids have been going since they were babies. It's a great family destination. I loved all your pictures. I'm glad that you all had fun :)

Jenners said...

That giraffe slide is so cool. And it is fun to see a zoo through kids eyes isn't it?

Ashley said...

Such fun photos and a fun trip! I haven't been to the zoo in a long time, but my must see animals are the monkeys.

Kim said...

Sadly the closest zoo is faraway. We love that song too. Great pictures. I couldn't link to your first blog event post.

JKMommy said...

We have the Beardsley ZOO in Bridgeport that is very nice - small enough to be kid friendly. :) I LOVE these photos and that TRex was singing about going to the zoo. I can't wait until A can sing and "anticipate" - isn't it fun to watch kids get SO excited about something! :)

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

We just went to the zoo too! And walked among the wallabies! :)

Our favorite was a 5 month old monkey...so gosh darn cute...it was so playful, rolling around, hanging from branches. It drew crowds and we could have watched it forever!