T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Type A

Whew...it's been a rough two weeks with kids stuck in the house except to leave for health care appointments. At least the weather is getting warmer so they can venture outside.

The past couple weeks when I have not been tending to sick kids, I've been giving school presentations on natural family planning (future post about this topic), completed standardize patient exams (these are as scary as they sound), and working endlessly on baby shower preparations for a friend's shower this weekend (we have 36 guest RSVPs so far!).

However, today we were scheduled to meet the playgroup kids at a local park. Apparently, the timing of things changed last minute and I was not aware of it. Additionally, I also had no clue how to get to the park where we were meeting - also a last minute location. I don't have GPS in my car and it's kind of tough to 4-1-1 a park. 

So, the kids and I drove around for about 25 minutes looking for this place. When we finally did arrive everyone in the playgroup was leaving since they had already been there nearly an hour. I was pretty frustrated. If we had stuck to the original plan, this probably would not have happened.

I struggle with being flexible and going with the flow of things sometimes. But with the busy life I lead I have to maintain a pretty structured and disciplined schedule. It's how I get everything I need to get accomplished in a 24 hour period. And it can sometimes be frustrating to interact with people who are nonchalant or laissez faire about these kinds of things. (My last work partner, whom I adored, was this way - so laid back about deadlines whereas I would immediately start stressing out over time lines.) I wonder if I'm as frustrating to them? Hmm - probably not because of their personality type. Darn my Type A personality. It's no secret, I do struggle to find a balance in my life.

I will say I was pretty bummed that we were not going to get to see everyone and especially sad for my kids who desperately need some social interaction with kids their own age. However, it did not deter their sweet spirits from enjoying the jungle gym that was there for their entertainment. And their good time certainly did bring lots of smiles to all our faces.

As you can see, they are definitely feeling better. Bebe Sister is fully restored and T Rex is about 85% - this illness really triggered his asthma and he's been on some pretty strong stuff to get him to stop coughing. He was coughing so bad he was also vomiting. Then, of course, some of the meds would either give him the shakes or make him hyperactive or both. But things are significantly better and we are all grateful for that.

So which end of the spectrum are you on - Type A, stick with the plan sort of person or more laid back, go with the flow? Do you find it challenging to interact with those who are on the opposite end of the spectrum as you?

While you contemplate that, enjoy some photos from today's much needed outing...


Kim said...

I wouldn't lable myself as a type-a personality but I am always disappointed when people are late or too relaxed about a meeting time. I think that's human.

I know what you mean about the kids needing to interact with other kids. And so yesterday and the day before we had two playdates and I spent all night last night and so far today holding a vomit bowl in front of Deaglan. Was it worth it? Not so sure.

Jenners said...

I always thought I was type a until I met my husband!

JKMommy said...

I am more on the Type A side, but I do sometimes just WILL myself to let things go. And then there are days where I just see the whole plan sliding downhill and then I kinda just let the WHOLE DAY go... but I am hating it inside b/c I like things to go according to plan. So yeah, Type A, but trying to hide it! LOL :)

septembermom said...

I tend to always be on time. Now my kids are used to that kind of arrival schedule. When parents drop off their kids late for a get together, my boys exhibit my frustration when they say, "Didn't they know that we were supposed to meet at this time? They are already 20 minutes late." I don't tell the time anymore so they won't get stressed.

Glad that you had a nice outing. You all deserved it!