T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, April 17, 2011

These ARE the Days...

There might be crumbs on the floor,
Gouges in the walls,
Stains on the carpet,
Diapers in the laundry, 

Hand prints on nearly every low hanging window,
Toys scattered everywhere,
Sippy cups stashed in random corners,
Potty seats on all the toilets,
Locks on the cabinets,
Raffi on repeat in the car CD player,
Car seats crowding the back seat,
A tiny jungle gym leaving dead spaces on the grass,
A missing watch hidden by a certain 15 month-old,
And the absence of a vacation alone together in many years...

But we have kids. And we love it. And we are fine with all of these things. When the kids are grown and gone, we'll have plenty of time to fix all of these. And we'll probably be a little teary remembering these days because they truly are THE days.

Are there any signs around your house that kids are present or have recently been present? Or are you missing those signs around the house?


Camie said...

Hey Jenn- you were one of the winners on our giveaway. Just email us your address and we'll send you your prize. Congratulations :)

Jenners said...

Sme days it's feels like the whole house is a sign that I have a child!

septembermom said...

There are too many messy signs that there have been kids in my house for 14 years!!!

All that you say is very true here.

I love those toy kitchens. Fun for mama too!

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

oh golly! Ditto on all those things! Sorry about the watch...hope you find that :)

Nina said...

Oh we have so much of that... between the toys, lego's, books, and all the wrappers, cups etc. dropped everywhere it is crazy. I would say my car shows the worse signs of having kids. Removed my oldest sons booster seat a while back and wanted to cry as it was so gross, rings of dirt embedded in the seat. It needs professionally cleaned but I am ashamed to let anyone clean it. For now I have a very large, very dark blanket stretched across the seat.

angie said...

I love nothing more than to hear about parents who are happy and content in their lives as parents!

JKMommy said...

The biggest sign for me is how all my dinners are flops - i just cannot concentrate on the cooking when I have him underfoot... So I overcook a lot! :(
Also I do miss the time alone and alone-vacations. I would have to say that has been the biggest adjustment for me - b/c I tend to be a "slow processor" - now I CAN process fast, but the result may not be that great! haha - it's call, overreacting. So... I need lots of "down time" to really enjoy something fully... you just don't always get that with a baby...
And the toys - haha never thought I'd see so many toys in our house but there you have it!

Great post - it was poetic!!