T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Fun...

Well, the weekend is barely half over and we've already had the best time. Here are some of the highlights...

Fair warning - LOTS of photos.

Yesterday the kids and I took the bike trailer to our local park for some playtime and a picnic. No one was there - delightful. While we were there, I received a phone call from a dear friend inviting us to the Greek Food Festival. Now, I'm not big on Greek Food but I knew that T Rex Dad loves it so we decided to load up the kids and headed out, especially since it was the first nice day in weeks.

Leaving our laundry drying at home on such a lovely day, we arrived at the festival.

It was no nice to get a warm sunny day for this.
At the festival there was complete chaos with the music, lines, food, and kids but it was deliciously fun. We ran into several people that we had not seen in years and the company we were with was wonderful. We really had a grand time.

This was the only photo of us we managed to get while at the festival. Not the greatest one of me, but at least you can see my authentic Greek blouse that I picked up when we were in Greece years ago.
 In order to get the kids to behave while we were there we offered a reward at a nearby jungle gym/park if they ate their food and stayed close to us. And indeed, they were very well behaved - several people commented how good they were - always makes parents feel proud to hear that. So, we were off to T Rex's favorite jungle gym.

As if this wasn't enough excitement, we woke up the next morning and took off early for my nephew's baseball game. Now he's on three teams so he pretty much lives baseball these days. And T Rex really loves baseball and is hoping to play one day, too. Once again, I told the kids if they were well-behaved, we could play at the adjacent park. And this was a huge enticement because this adjacent park is a really amazing one - several large jungle gyms and splash pad.

The game was really exciting. When we arrived the score was 1-1. By the final inning, my nephew's team was down 1-3. When he came up to bat he hit a single. He managed to make it to third base when a teammate bunted the ball. On that bunt, he came home to tie the score. He is so fast that is probably how he pulled that off. We were all so proud of him. They ended up winning the game 4-3. Exciting to the end.

Bebe Sister watching her cousin get ready to bat.
Batting - we sat right behind home plate at ground level.

On first, headed for second.
After he scored his run.
Cheers for Cousin.
Helping Auntie keep score.
Walking with Cousin to his next game - he has three total today.

The kids were well behaved during the game so they earned their time at the jungle gym. It was craziness and I was glad to have the extra help from my sis while watching the kids. She said she had a great time and I could tell this was the case. But she did remark that she did not know how I did it. My friend asked me the same thing last night while we were at the jungle gym - how do you keep up with two little ones? All I could say was, "Practice". We go to a lot of parks and do a lot of outings with the kids. We have become very efficient in the way we do things. And we stick to our routine. But mostly, it's all about practice.

Then, everyone came home to take naps. Well, everyone except me. As you can see, this is what I decided to do with my naptime. But now I'm off to read "Packing for Mars" at Jenners' suggestion. Stop over and check out her blog - she always has some excellent reading suggestions. And she can always make me laugh, too.
Bebe Sister snuggled up with her luvie blanket and her homemade blanket by Grandma N.

I hope you also have a wonderful weekend full of lots of fun.


Jenners said...

This does sound like a good weekend ... and the naps seemed like they were needed!!! : )

Hope you are liking Packing for Mars!!! I'll be anxious to hear your thoughts when you are done. Thanks for the shout out. That was so sweet.

Hope Ford said...

I am glad it encouraged you! Now if I only I could stay in that mindset of being thankful for the things that tend to get to me...:)

I love the pictures of you and your family here! You all look so happy!

Also...I've NEVER seen a more beautiful backdrop while drying cloth diapers! :)


Tat said...

We've been watching sports, too. No luck with naps, though. Lots of tantrums at night instead. Aren't sleeping photos just the best?

Kim said...

You know what, I'm glad your sister and a few others asked how you did it. Because not enough people get how hard it is to take two small people out. It's much easier to stay home that's for sure! I love that last picture the most. Angelic. I have a blouse very similar to yours - more Spanish looking though.

Abbie said...

Love outdoor play as an incentive to behave. And way to capture your fun weekend times with so many great pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time.
Aren't sleeping babies just the cutest?