T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tweety Bird...

For quite some time now T Rex has been asking to meet and hold a real life Tweety Bird. I think he may have even sneaked in this request during evening prayer one time. We tried taking him to a local pet store but those little finches are not able to be held.

He loves visiting the VW Bus at the mall that has a giant Tweety Bird at the wheel. That might be where the idea originated. We're really not sure. Regardless, the request has been made several times. Well, today his wish came true.

As we were eating our breakfast, I heard a dull thud at the front window. I know that sound all too well. A bird flew into the window. I could feel the dread filling my body as I rose from the table to assess damages. Since T Rex Dad is at work during the day time hours, I usually get the clean up duty when we have bird strikes. About 25% of the time they are fatal. Walking to the front door I could feel my legs dragging as I opened the door.

Lo and behold, the bird was alive and breathing. It was stunned but fine. I swept it into my hands as I have many times to other birds when this same situation has occurred. However, this time I had an idea. This tiny feathered friend was colored green and mostly yellow. Perfect for a Tweety Bird encounter.

With Bebe Sister happily eating her banana, yogurt, and waffle I called to T Rex to join me outside. Poor dear was still in his jammies and had bare feet but when I told him he could meet Tweety Bird he softly padded out the front door and joined me on the step.

There I placed a tiny little finch on his lap. As he held the bird he just beamed. It was a really amazing moment. He held his feathered friend for several minutes stroking it and talking softly to it. Then the bird started to wake up so we moved it to the near by bushes where it could rest until ready for flying. When we came in he ran to the phone and asked to call his dad to tell him about it. Later this evening as I was putting him to bed he offered a prayer of thanks that his Tweety Bird friend came for a visit and that it was alright after hitting the window.

I did manage a few photos and some video from this. I share them with you now. Enjoy.



JKMommy said...

oh my goodness! T Rex is the most precious! How he's holding that bird so gently - and he's sooo enthralled by his "real live tweety bird" - I LOVE it! Love his conversations! Can't wait for those with A. :) What a cool experience!!!

Ginger said...

That is so cute. I'm glad his prayers were answered! :)

Hope you're doing well with all you have to do!

Becky said...

How sweet. Congrats on making the decision to go to NP school. I think I've waited too long after getting my BSN....17 years. :) Newest follower from the Green hop.

Jenners said...

What a sweet moment!!! I'm sure he'll remember this forever.

Kim said...

Oh seriously, you have a sweet and nurturing little guy! I love how soft his voice and mannerisms are around the "real live tweety bird". How fateful that he should get to meet a real tweety.