T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stay-cation - Part III - Independence Day

We had our Independence Day celebration in two parts. First, we had some friends over a couple days prior. We provided the food and they provided the entertainment. Alas, this was T Rex's response to the fireworks:

However, he was fine with sparklers. It did make for a short bit of entertainment. He said he was scared of the smoke and the noise. And I am fine with that. As our friend said, there is a reason we have the fear response and if this means he won't be a pyromaniac, then be scared, Little Guy. Bebe Sister was sound asleep for all the excitement.

Then on the actual 4th of July, we spent some time enjoying the summer heat. I've actually been craving some sun as it's been an extremely mild summer and where I'm from, summer is hot, hot, hot. So, for the day, it felt a little like my home planet - just for a while. T Rex Dad on the other hand, is not a fan of summer heat but he was still a good sport.

First, a little water table play time. It's a make-shift version of the real thing. Basically, a plastic storage container filled with water and then toys placed inside. This was 90 minutes of entertainment. The fun ended up being moved to the shade after the photos were taken. The last photo in this series is of Bebe Sister's response to her brother splashing her.

Then we headed over to my sister's place to celebrate with her family as well as my mom. I dressed the kids for the occasion. Bebe Sister's dress was a project from last June. It has held true to being a grow-with-me dress. And what could be more American than baseball? T Rex insisted we take his baseball things along since his cousin's baseball couch would also be at the BBQ. My sister always throws a great party and as you can see in that final photo - always festive decorations.

We did attempt to explain the meaning of Independence Day to T Rex. In the end, he asked two things: 

Can we sing happy birthday to America? Which we did.

Does America get to open her presents? To which I responded with, "She does not have enough money for presents." Hang in there good 'ole USA, there is still greatness in you because there is hope. These kids are just some of that hope.

Why do I know this? Well, as I was struggling to put our daughter to bed that night after a fun-filled day of excitement added to the booms surrounding us from all the fireworks, I craddled her at 11:00 pm trying to get her to settle (while feeling quite frustrated as usually I place her in her bed and she's asleep instantly). As I held her and sang her special song, she looked up and placed her soft hand on my cheek and said, "I whav you..." (I love you). Hearing my daughter say that to me for the first time was definitely the highlight of my Independence Day. And if there is love of a child, there is hope.

(I know I'm a week behind - I have many more posts written about the stay-cation. I'll post one a day for a while with the hope I will be caught up soon.)

Are you enjoying the stay-cation updates?


Missus Wookie said...

Amazing views from your backyard. Awe on the first time being told 'I love you' from your Princess :)

Glad you have been enjoying you staycation too.

JKMommy said...

I love the "I Whav You"!! So sweet. Yes, the innocence of children is a point of hope in an often bleak landscape. I wish all children could have beautiful homes like yours to be nurtured in...
What a fun celebration week! LOVE the dress! So cute! :)

Charis's Mum said...

I love your daughter's dress. Is it a pillowcase dress? I've been wanting to buy a pillowcase from a thrift store to make that type of dress for my daughter.

Emily said...

That girls dress is ADORABLE! Your stay-cation sounds like it was grand!

Hope you guys are all doing swell!!

Caitlin said...

I can't believe she said she loves you!! SOOOO sweet! Isaac is still barely saying any words- boy vs. girl for sure!

Lovely water table picture with the hills and the flag! And Baby sister looks so much like you in the pic where she is flinching from the water!

Adorable dress too!

Kim said...

I can't believe you made that dress. Okay I can but I'm still so impressed!! We didn't go to fireworks this year even though Shaune really wanted to. It didn't make much sense. Ours don't start till 10 at night and the kids would have already been sleeping for at least two hours. I promised that we'd go next year.

Jenners said...

Is it wrong that I am still cracking up at T-Rex's reaction to the fireworks? YES ... it is.

Cute dress for Bebe Sister. You always amaze me.

septembermom said...

How sweet that she said "I whav you."

I love your response about USA not having enough money for presents. Sad, but true.

All great pictures. Aren't those water tables a wonderful way to keep kids busy? My kids are loving water shooter matches this summer. It's really keeping them smiling for a long time.

Loving the staycation updates.

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Adorable dress...and teh I whav you is so precious...