T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recent Projects...

As promised, the variety of projects I've completed the past couple weeks.

"Big, Giant M&M" - T Rex has been obsessed with the M&M kiosks at the grocery store. He wants to stop and see them or "pat" them every time we walk past. So, with some left over fleece and stuffing, this was the result.

As you can see, it was a big hit. And, this photo gives you a perspective of just how big it is.

Then there was the ring sling I've been wearing the past week. Here's the finished product unworn. You can look here and here if you'd like to see it in use.

We had a birthday party a couple weeks ago. I made a Dora the Explorer outfit (shorts and shirt) but forgot to take a photo. However, I did manage to snap a photo of the bag I made to put them in.

A little bib I knitted for Baby Sister...

We're soon to be embarking on a road trip. T Rex needed a few things to keep him occupied in the car. I saw this in a magazine and gave it a try. It's a bottle with rice and little objects buried within. The intent is for him to maneuver the bottle so he can find the objects. In this case, I put several letters in since he loves letters. And a little "T Rex" necklace as a surprise, too!

Lastly, something I've always wanted to do with my kids, when I had more than one child, was to make them matching outfits. Here are the matching pants and dress I made for the kids. They are going to wear these to a family function but will also be perfect for Independence Day.

There you have it - lots of little projects. My very favorite kind!


mitchsmom said...

Great stuff! The sling looks perfect for summer and the matching outfits are so cute!

Nina said...

The little matching outfits are so cute. My previous sitter always dressed her boys in matching outfits, I do mean always. I have done it once or twice myself with the boys but not to much. The age gap between them really makes it hard to find things that are the same in both their age groups.

septembermom said...

All cute!! The matching outfits are adorable. You are one creative mama!

Mommy of M's said...

Love the rice bottle. I'll be making that!

Jenners said...

Love the big M&M!!! Now can I have on in chocolate????

And the rice bottle is genius!!! I've seen a version of that in stores ... for like $25!

I am in awe of all that you are able to do!!

lizhasalife said...

I have given you a blog award mama ;) http://lizhasalife.com/

Emily said...

UN BELIEVE ABLE! Where do you find all the time to do all that you do??!!

I think I shall submit your name for the mother of the year award!

You definitely deserve it!