T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cabin Trip - Part I

Thank you to those who have emailed concern about my lack of posting of recent. We are fine. The cold we had was short-lived. We had a cabin trip planned so there has been a lot of prep work for that. Plus, school starts in 10 days. I'll be a full time graduate student. I know I'll miss the kids the two days a week I am working at the clinic so I've been giving them a lot of attention, and there will be little time for crafting so I've been sewing for the kids' fall/winter clothes, too. (More on that in a later posting.)

We took off earlier this week for a little rest and relaxation at T Rex Dad's parents' mountain lake cabin. We were not sure we wanted to go as the last time we attempted the trip we lasted about 18 hours. We were desperate, however, to get out of town as we have not left a 30 mile radius of our home in over a year. We crammed a lot of stuff into the 40 hours we stayed.

I'll break the trip down into three sections - Fun, Fishing, and Nature Hike. It took me a full day of cooking just to prepare our meals and snacks while we were going to be there. Plus, I just cannot leave the house without it being sparkling clean so I did that, too. Additionally, diapers needed to be washed to pack I should not have worried about diapers as our daughter soiled one the entire time we were gone. Let's just say we did the potty victory dance a lot while we were gone.

Here you go - Part I - Cabin Fun

We arrived just in time for pre-bed bath time. We started the fun there. We closed the curtain so the kids could splash. As you can imagine being in the car, they needed to work some of their toddler energy out which they happily did.

Some of the other various things we occupied our time with included some regular fun things like reading, crocheting, stickers, and playdough. Playdough was ten times funner once Grandma and Grandpa joined us and got in on the fun. Oh, and nothing beats that early 1980's bright orange counter top. What about those curtains behind us? The bowl of cereal on the counter is also retro - probably circa 1960s. T Rex Dad ate from these dinner settings when he was a child. Being at the cabin is like taking a trip back in time. Even some of the bathroom reading literature is dated 1981.

There were also some not-so-normal activities the kids occupied themselves with. Things like prisms on the lamp making rainbows on the wall. How about those spiral stairs? T Rex Dad suggested them to his parents when they were building the cabin thirty years ago. He could not have foreseen that one day they would cause him and his wife a heart attack every time their kids tried to use them? Oh, and both the kids can put their entire bodies through those rails. The spinning wheel was also a big draw for the kids - circa 1869 brought over by T Rex Dad's great, great, great grandma Ann Dumboe of Norway.

After the kids retired for the night, the grown ups had some fun playing poker. We did play with pennies but no winnings were kept. T Rex had no problem falling asleep in the upstairs loft, but the little princess was distracted by the talking so we moved her to the upstairs bathroom where she could have quiet. Alas, she ended up waking up at 11:00 pm and did not go back to sleep until 3:00 am. Hence, that night we did not get much sleep. We suspect she was scared waking up in a strange place. Good thing Grandma and Grandpa had their hearing aids out so they could sleep through the long stretches of crying.

The next morning after Grandma and Grandpa departed we decided the cabin would just not be as much fun without them so after some fishing and lunch we took off for home. We had planned to be up there four full days and nights but it just did not work out for us. We were grateful for G&G for having us there. However, it was not a break for the grown-ups. We were just too busy entertaining little ones and keeping them safe from falling into the lake or falling off the balcony or stairs. Add to this the lack of sleep, we just decided it would be more of a break to be at home. In the end, we agree with Dorothy - There's no place like home. We are not, however, desperate to get out of town any more.

Stay tuned for Cabin Trip Part II - Fishing.

Has that ever happened to you - want to get out of town but find yourself missing home?


Kim said...

At first I thought it was a typo when you said you moved her to the upstairs bathroom:) But I realize I was wrong when I saw the picture. I find that everytime we travel, it is work, and very little relaxation. The last two times we've stayed at a hotel, I hardly slept one wink. Naveen was up all night long which woke Deaglan and then he refused to nap in the morning or afternoon. I was grateful to get him home to his own bed. The cabin is gorgeous. I'll bet once they're older, you'll really be able to enjoy it! Your kids had you all to themselves for much longer than most kids get these days! And they will be so impressed when they're old enough to understand all the other accomplishments you achieved.

septembermom said...

You are very creative in keeping the kids busy. It looks like a lovely cabin, but I know that feeling of wanting to get home too. It's been a good number of years since we've been away. I remember being jumpy in the hotel and wanting to get back to the normalcy of home.

I bet that poker game was fun!

Jenners said...

Good for you for trying again ... but it doesn't sound restful at all!

Caitlin said...

Man those stairs make my palms sweat! Ah! We had orange counter tops at some point in my childhood!

I am sorry that you ended up needing to go home early, but good for you for being flexible and just going with what you needed to do! Looks like the kids had a fun time while you were there and you will have plenty of future years sans kids to relax and enjoy there!