T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cabin Trip Part II - Fishing

T Rex has been asking repeatedly to go fishing. So, when we were up at the cabin we had him inquire of his grandpa.

Grandpa set him up with a rod, reel, and some bait and T Rex Dad helped him get started. He threw his line in the water and wait and waited. Not too long because T Rex was torn between fishing and swimming in the lake.  Bebe Sister was also torn between the two. Despite her assistance, there were no fish caught.

Bebe Sister played on the tiny bit of sand on the beach but then insisted on chasing her brother. 

The dock was under repair so there is a five foot drop. Hence, I did not want Bebe Sister there. In the short amount of time she was near there she acquired a huge scrap full of splinters. These were not fun to remove (and yes, they had to be removed).

In the end, T Rex declared the lake water was "slimy" and there were no fish. However, the next morning he and his sister found great fun peering into the lake from the neighbor's intact dock that had no splinters.  

Part III - Nature Walk - coming up next...


Caitlin said...

Sounds like a fun time! (minus the splinters!)

Love that last photo especially!

JKMommy said...

What precious precious memories. WOW they have such fun together as siblings!! I can't wait for A. to have a sibling to enjoy! :) What a great lake!!!

Kim said...

Love that new header. What a beautiful view! Terrible about the splinters and I would be the same as you, anxious, on the look out, and just plain stressed around that water. Deaglan didn't have much patience for fishing either when we went. Shaune loves fishing so I'm sure he'll teach his son to love it too.

Erin said...

Oh wow that last pic of the kids laying on the doc...you can really see the difference in size!

Jenners said...

Splinters!!! Awful! Fishing! Couldn't do it. I'd be too freaked out!

septembermom said...

I'm not a fishing kind of gal, but I wonder if my kids would be interested. It does look like fun. That last picture is very cute.

Splinters are no fun though.