T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ruminations - I Hope I Remember...

Tonight as I "rocked" my little daughter after a long but good day at the pediatric clinic, I held her tiny little hand in mine and listened to the sound of her sucking her thumb. She's still quite a wiggle worm so all these thoughts occurred to me within seconds. Amazing how the brain works. 

I hope I can remember...

I hope I can remember these tiny, soft hands and chubby Flintstone feet,
and breath so sweaty sweet.

I hope I can remember nursing my tiny babes and their favorite solid foods -
sweets for her, salty for him  - suit their moods.

I hope I can remember playing trains, tea parties, pretend forts, stacking blocks,
and Bebe Sister wearing snowmen socks.

I hope I can remember bed head hair and rosy cheeks after a nap, 
and snuggles on my lap.

I hope I can remember the pitter patter of little feet 
padding along the wood floors so sweet.

I hope I can remember little voices saying blue, ye-ah, duck, balls,
and non-stop questions filling the halls.

I hope I can remember crayons, coloring, play dough, painted hand prints, 
and various other artistic stints. 

I hope I can remember reading favorite stories before bedtime in the room, - 
especially the ever popular Good Night Moon.

I know I will always be grateful for this honor and call,
being their mother is best of all.

I know some day I'll be old and sitting in a rocking chair remembering these days. I just want to snap shot these memories so I can revisit them in my elderly days - knowing these really were the days.


Jenners said...

This was a lovely post. And this blog (and their own blogs) will be such a wonderful way to remember all these little moments … that do start to fade after a bit even though you think they never will.

septembermom said...

What a beautiful post! I agree with Jenners about these blogs always being treasured by your children and their children some day. I think this is a wonderful way to remember these precious days.

Kim said...

So beautifully written. I could relate to so much of this, the flintstone feet, the sweet breath. And I think we are doing something right by recording it! It makes us live it more I think.

Caitlin said...

So sweet! I tell myself similar things quite often! The exhaustion will fade away and only the sweet memories will be left!

I think you do a great job of treasuring them!