T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

North End West Side...

This past, past weekend (I'm a little behind posting this) we wanted to do something outside our usual bubble. We tend to visit the same places and parks. Feeling a little stir crazy, T Rex Dad suggested we drive to his old stomping grounds and visit a park he grew up playing at. 

So we did.

We made the drive to the North End and visited a favorite park from T Rex Dad's childhood. The kids loved it. Bebe Sister was especially excited to make a new canine friend - Katie.

Then we headed out on a walk. Before the kids were born, T Rex Dad and I used to take walks in the North End all the time. It was fun to get to do this again. Since our daughter is absolutely enamored by cats or "meows" we went "meow spying". Historically we used to see at least 6-8 cats during one walk. That night, we only saw one. However, we did encounter a lovely elderly woman, Mrs. H, sitting on her porch. T Rex walked up to her and started talking with her so we stopped and had a nice chat for about 20 minutes. Always refreshing to get to visit with someone from the greatest generation. It made up for the lack of "meows" on the walk.

After the walk was concluded, we went for dessert at the West Side Drive In. 

Of course, T Rex does not eat ice cream or like sweets, so we ordered him some fries or "crisps" as he calls them. He was kind enough to share with the rest of us. His "dessert" did come with a fortune cookie which he also kindly shared (he will eat fortune cookies). It read, "This world will look a little better with some love given by you." It was not a prophetic fortune. It was retrospective after his encounter with Mrs. H.

Bebe Sister LOVED sharing a banana split with her dad and myself. She's totally fine with sweets or salty.

This was a fun outing. We need to get our of our bubble more often. Plus, it was nice to celebrate being done with my school presentation. 

(P.S. No that sporty vehicle in the background is not ours.)


Caitlin said...

So cute that you go on a cat hunt! We will have to try that with Isaac!

I know what you mean about staying in your bubble! There is comfort in the familiar and I find myself doing the same thing sometimes.

I LOVED the West Side Drive In! They had fantastic ice cream potatoes!

Jenners said...

Sounds like a great little outing!! Love Bebe Sister with the dog -- he looks as big as her! And how wonderful that T-Rex had a special moment with Mrs. H!

Kim said...

Bebe sister looks so much like you! This sounds like such fun stuff. Isn't it so true the joy to be had in these seemingly simple activities!? And Bebe sister is a girl after my heart - hand me a sundae!

septembermom said...

Your kids will always be explorers and adventurers thanks to you and your husband. They will have a joy in living that is priceless. I agree with Kim that your pretty daughter looks so much like you. And T-Rex is so handsome. God bless you all.

JKMommy said...

I love how your two kids have such DIFFERENT taste preferences! :) I love the "crisps" part... sure looks like a lot of fun - we have not gotten out quite as much as we wanted to this fall due to heavy rains lately but it's time to get enjoying the last of the good weather like you guys are! :)
PS: Yes, TRex Princess DEFINITELY has your beautiful eyes and look! :)