T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Early October Happenings...

October is already here and we're a week into it. Time seems to be going by at an incredibly fast rate. School has me quite occupied. All of us actually. We're doing alright though. A little entertainment deprived but hanging in there.

This past week I had eight lectures to watch for school in addition to about 20 hours at the clinics. It was an interesting week at the clinics. Definitely learning a lot. Ever meet someone with an artificial heart valve? It clicked so loud I could hear it the moment I walked into the room. That night I came home and told the family about it. T Rex wanted to listen to my heart. I could see on his face he actually hear heart sounds so I inquired as to what he heard. His response, "Goats". If I heard goats inside someone's chest, they'd be headed to the cardiologist ASAP.

Speaking of specialists...Having T Rex listen to my heart and lungs was also to prepare him for a visit to the allergy/asthma office. His asthma has been particularly bad. His coughing has been causing small blood vessel ruptures on his neck. For now he's on quite the regimen of drugs to get things under control - Pulmicort inhaled steroids, Singulair, and albuterol. We're waiting on the azithromycin antibiotics to see if the other less systemic acting drugs improve things. There is some concern he could possibly have an atypical pneumonia that's exacerbating things. He actually seems fine aside from bursting into coughing fits while playing on the jungle gym or waking all of us at 4:00 am. I'm fairly confident this new regimen can be decreased when his symptoms are under control. 

I have been trying to sneak in a few crafting projects here and there. Very little time to do so. Actually, those many lectures are times when I can sometimes crochet. Generally, though, I try to focus on the more complicated disease processes. Don't get me wrong, I take my studies very seriously. Once someone asked me if the many, many chapters I had to read that week were necessary or if I could skim over or even skip some of them. Honestly, I did not know how to reply to such a question. I could only reply, "Yes, they are all necessary. When you go to a health care professional, would it be acceptable to you if they told you they did not know what was wrong with you because they may have skimmed over that week's reading?" What I'm learning is utterly important. With that being said, maintaining my sanity is also important, too. Crocheting has a calming effect on me and school is heating up the stress level as mid-terms start Monday. So when the opportunity presents itself, I try to multitask.

I have a few projects in the works but here's a small preview. 

More to come. In the mean time, I guess I better get back to work as it's late, the kids are sleeping, and that's when most of my studying is accomplished.


septembermom said...

I'm sorry that T-Rex has those asthma attacks. I hope he gets some relief soon. I'm always amazed at all that you do and with such a positive and loving attitude.

The hat is adorable. I'm glad that you have crocheting to keep you relaxed with your busy schedule. I need to get back to knitting.

JKMommy said...

oh my heart goes out to poor TRex with the asthma! I hope he feels better soon!

LOVE the new photo on top! You hang in there mama! Clinics & studying - wow you do it all and I am so proud of you and how seriously you take your studies. :)

Charis's Mum said...

I LOVE the hat you crocheted. I'd like to knit a pumpkin hat for my daughter, especially since I call her my pumpkin. Yes, I have heard people with an artificial heart valve. I hope TRex's asthma improves, and I'm glad that you were able to help prepare him for his appointment.

Jenners said...

Love the hat!! You're so talented. And I agree with you … I wouldn't want a health professional that skipped "that chapter" and it was the chapter about what is wrong with me. Still, it must be overwhelming. Keep on plugging!

And I hope poor T-Rex gets over his asthma. That sound really intense and painful for him.

Caitlin said...

That hat is adorable! I have been looking casually on etsy for one for Isaac and that is hands down the cutest I have seen! LOVE IT!

Also funny about the goats! Good luck with that- haha!

PS Unrelated: I know you guys usually watch the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on Halloween- do you think Joseph is old enough he could watch that? He gets scared easily... I have NEVER seen it!!

Kim said...

I'm hating to hear about T Rex's asthma flaring up. Keep us posted! I hope there is a break in your schedule soon! Love the hat on sister!