T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This kids were quite excited and had a very fun weekend ending with Halloween and trick-or-treating.

For comparison, you can click here to review our Halloween weekend 2010.

This year, T Rex hosted a Halloween party for friends and family. It started out being just a few of his friends. He only sent out 4 invitations. However, he just kept inviting people. Before we knew it, we had over 50 people on the guest list. Luckily, all of them could not make it. Actually, I was not even sure who was going to show up. The other day at the grocery store, the worker at the children's playland stopped us while we were shopping to let us know she could not attend the party. (I did not know he had even invited her.) In the end, his party was a huge success.

I will not be posting photos as I did not obtain permissions from everyone in attendance. However, you can imagine 11 kids ages 9 months to 4 years, running around in costumes (bumble bees, butterfly, dragon, tiger, wizard, princess, Minnie Mouse, witch, Show White, and skeleton), playing with toys, doing crafts, playing pin the nose on the pumpkin, and breaking a pinata. (Bebe Sister still enjoyed the pinata despite getting the plastic bat right in her face.) I'd say a very successful party. 

Oh, at Bebe Sister's request, I finished this Halloween kitty as part of our party decorations. Below it is our pumpkin for pin the nose on the pumpkin. T Rex originally wanted a pumpkin with 10 teeth. Alas, my pumpkin carving skills are not what they used to be. Plus, the skin to this pumpkin was at least 3 inches thick. T Rex was a good sport and did not mind. When he woke up the morning of the party and saw the pumpkin he exclaimed, "I LOVE it!"

Then a much needed break until Halloween night. We did watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin with T Rex - he definitely enjoyed it, probably more so this year than last. In fact, tonight he was quite concerned that his sister not get any rocks in her candy sack.

Last year, Bebe Sister could barely sit unassisted. She was not really mobile. This year, she trick-or-treated on her own. It was wonderful. She just followed her brother and if anyone said anything to her she would say, "treat?" It was fairly chilly outside so I had the kids layered extensively under their costumes. It seems to always instantly get cold here on Halloween. This year was no different.

After only visiting a few houses in the neighborhood, we went home to greet the kids who were visiting our house. I am certain in a year or two they will insist on visiting the entire block but for now, 5 houses is sufficient. Especially since one child does not like candy and the other likes it a bit too much. However, prepare yourself for this...(insert drum roll) T Rex will actually now eat a little bit of candy - skittles, taffy, and gummy bears. Earth shattering news, I know. Bebe Sister, on the other end, she almost ate one of my dice tonight thinking it was candy. That girl will eat anything resembling food and most of the time she likes it. (Amazing that she is still only 22 lbs.)

Alas, all the fun had to come to an end. The kids hung up their magical hats, staff, and wand before heading to dreamland. Such a fun time. How fortunate and blessed we feel to enjoy these moments with our children. They just make life more, well, everything.

One other thing, Happy Nevada Day! (My home state - we always had the day off of school.) If you want to see more of the kids in their costumes, I'll be posting more photos on their personal blogs.

And as always, thanks for sharing in our family adventures and fun.


Jenners said...

It totally cracks me up that T-Rex went and invited a whole mess of people to his party!! That could have ended badly … but it sounds like great fun.

They look so cute in their costumes … and I am love with the little kitty!! I'm with Bebe Sister … any candy is good!

Erin said...

Looks like they had a fantastic time! And their costumes came out just excellent!

Kim said...

Hysterical about T Rex inviting the whole neighbourhood! We were done around three houses in. I lugged them around the block - I wanted to make sure to hit some of our older neighbours who'd asked us to stop by.

septembermom said...

Check out T-Rex, the party planner! How funny! It sounds like everyone had a great time. I love the Kitty. Very cute. And those costumes are wonderful :)

Giveaway Scout said...
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Crunchy Beach Mama said...