T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Snow...Weekend Update

Today we had our first bit of snow. It was nice that we planned on staying home today. All of us, except T Rex have been fighting a not-so-fun cold virus. T Rex's new asthma treatment plan must be working quite well as he has been symptom free and somehow escaped the virus. He's been kind to help take care of all of us. 

Other happenings this week...

T Rex Dad's Jetta decided to not shift out of 3rd gear. That made for an interesting time for my sweetheart who handled it like a virtual James Bond. Then after it was supposedly fixed at the VW shop and he was headed home, it suddenly would not shift out of 4th gear. It's back at the shop. Once again, some stealthy driving moves to get there.

Our washing machine also picked this week to stop working. Apparently, there is something wrong with the thermostat which caused it to start smoking and then stop working. Now we've been a week without it. That Flats Challenge helped me prepare for living without it. I've done 3-4 hand-wash loads. My hands are not too happy but at least we all have clean underclothes made possible by a functioning dryer. Also fortunate our daughter is toilet trained.

I only missed one clinic day this week due to illness. It was amazing how much of my book work I completed by having that extra day. Although, I was really sad to miss seeing the kids at the pediatric clinic dressed up on Halloween. However, my little kids were happy I could be home for Halloween preparations.

I've been refreshing my EKG (ECG) skills. I purchased this awesome book which has been worth every penny. In the evenings, T Rex Dad has been cleaning up the kitchen from dinner and watching the kids. I've been hiding away in a quiet place reading my book for about an hour. What seemed like such a mystery now seems relatively simple. Emphasis on relatively. Maybe someday  (in about 183 days) this will be my sneak-away-for-a-bath time.

We also started preparing for Thanksgiving. Yes, some planning, but also in decor and story time. We picked out a couple of books from the library telling of the first Thanksgiving. We took in a puppet show while we were there, too.  Bebe Sister was so excited as the puppet show was titled, "Happy Birthday". Every night she insists I sing the Happy Birthday song. We've all been enjoying reading the adventures of Jenny Linksy and the Cat Club. Bebe Sister is quite obsessed with Jenny's Birthday Book.

I also recently made a pilgrimage to Joann fabrics with help from the kids. They were amazingly well-behaved. I made my list of Christmas gifts I plan to make and armed with my 25% off coupon, we purchased nearly everything on my list. As a little reward for their patience at the fabric store, I made the kids a little something to mark the month of November.

T Rex Dad and I also had a little time to start a new show - Ringer. We watched the first few episodes this week and we are hooked. We've been watching it off the computer so if you're like us and don't have cable you can still see it. Highly recommend, especially if you enjoyed Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy.

Cold and snowy outside - watching a show with my sweetie and sipping some tea - oh so lovely. Add in some knitting and crocheting while the kids are snoozing in their beds, also lovely. Alas, come Monday back to the books as I have one clinical day and three straight days of school including oral exams.

I know this all a little random but with my mind so full of school stuff these days I find just writing about the simple mundane happenings in our life helps me reflect on how truly blessed I am to live the life I do. I am especially grateful to have electricity this week as I know some of my readers and friends are still without. Our prayers are with you. And as always, thank you all for sharing our adventures with us.


Jenners said...

Seems like all your machines are going on strike for some reason. Your crafts are so cute … and I love the reading photo. It warms my heart!

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

loooove your turkey! gobble gobble!

What channel is Ringer on? Not that I need another show to record. Our DVR is full because we don't watch on a regular basis and then need to keep up!

JKMommy said...

I am curious about this Ringer Show too but... like Crunchy Beach Mama, I can't take on more shows - I have 2 I watch. That is enough but when I'm done with those... maybe Ringer will be the next thing!
LOOOVE the turkey as well - so cute! Perfect for this month!
Your random post was fun, it was like catching up with a friend at a coffee shop!

Kim said...

He's a great husband and Dad if you ask me. The measure of wonderful partner is how they show up when you need it!

septembermom said...

He is a super duper dad for sure!!

Tat @ Mum in search said...

We saw snow while we were in Bulgaria, and it was still October! The bid is lovely.