T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Month of Thanks...

It just seems that when one thing breaks, they all seem to. Eleven days ago it was the washing machine. Yesterday it was fixed. Then today I started  a large load, the machine filled with water and soap, and then died again. I was not too happy it died after soaking all the clothes. 

Sounds like the Jetta all over again - it was fixed, then broke again, then several days later, it was fixed again. This week, T Rex Dad and I shared a vehicle which would not have been a big deal except I had four days straight of clinic and school.

I think my poor mom picked up on the chaos as she had a flat tire this past weekend and when she went to change the tire there was no jack. Can you imagine my 72 year old mom changing a tire. I was actually glad there was no jack. 

Luckily, the photo above is not real. Well, it is a real cast but not for anything broken. We had a casting and splinting class this week at school. My classmate was kind enough to take photos since I did not think to pack my camera. I believe I look a bit tired in the photo - probably after an entire morning of EKG training. If you were looking at photos like the one below for four hours, your eyes might be a bit tired, too.

Truly, though, I am blessed. 

I thought I would list some of the small ones I'm grateful for today...

- I do NOT have any broken bones (boy, do I have sympathy for my patients, though).
- The Jetta is fixed and we once again have two working vehicles.
- We are all healthy and finally free of the cold that's been occupying the house for the past two weeks and keeping us from sleeping.
- We survived the time change and the kids are adjusting adequately.
- T Rex never acquired the cold and his asthma is completely under control.
- My pediatric assessment exam today went great. I had a 4 year old who presented with asthma - how ironic to get this random patient for this graded exam, something I know so much about in a child of an age I also know plenty about. (They should have had T Rex as a sample patient!)
- At least I have a working dryer to handle the hand washed loads of clothes.
- My frankincense essential oil came and the house is smelling so wonderful. (I'm making soap this weekend for Christmas gifts - how fun would frankincense soap be for the season?)
- Tomorrow T Rex Dad and I celebrate 11 years since we were engaged and Saturday night we get a date to the place where it took place.
- Tomorrow we honor Veterans like my father-in-law who served this country to preserve our freedoms.
- Plus, a weekend with limited studying (3 of my papers that are due are done and ready to turn in thanks to my sweetheart who helped me edit them) and family and birthday gatherings. 
- And the countdown to graduation is now officially less than 6 months.

Indeed, there may be some chaos reigning in our home right now but I still say it is a month full of thanks.


Crunchy Beach Mama said...

awwww I love how you are so positive in a time of trials. Have loads of fun on your date night!!

(so glad you didn't break your arm!)

JKMommy said...

glad you clarified about the arm - I got a little nervous when I first saw that! :)
Sounds like a hard week! Definitely harder than mine... and yet you're so upbeat! Good to see! Awesome new header photo!

Kim said...

I love this picture of you - you are beautiful tired or not. And you inspire me to count my blessings too after a few weeks of sick kids!

Charis's Mum said...

When I saw the picture of your arm in my feed, I thought, "Oh no, she's in the middle of her crazy, busy semester, she can't have any broken bones." Needless to say, I'm glad you are alright, and it was nice to read what you are thankful for even in the midst of your washing machine being broken.

Jenners said...

That photo gave me pause … I was like OH NO! Glad it wasn't real and that you have much to give thanks for.

septembermom said...

That graduation countdown is going to go by fast!! Congrats to you for getting so much done all the time. You look wonderful even if you're tired from all these demands on your time. I love the BIG smile that always seems to grace not only your beautiful face but your generous spirit.

I love your thankful list. I should make one too.

Thanks so much for your friendship and prayers. It means so much to me! Hugs to you and the family- Kelly

Tat said...

I saw the picture and I thought, 'She's thankful for that?' I'm relieved to know there is nothing broken!