T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, December 5, 2011

Alas, December...

I'm trying to like December more. Really, I am. 

Some day I hope the month is not fraught with hectic schedules and frantic hustle bustle. Add to this impending finals and a toddler who is struggling with napping in her new bed. Seriously, potty training is a piece of cake compared to transitioning out of a crib. They don't cover this in any of my child psychology books or my pediatric texts. Guess I'm on my own.

We have managed to have a nice celebration for T Rex Dad's birthday as well as put up the tree. First, though, I took the kids with me to the Christmas craft show. I think I'm becoming a higher level parent as I managed to take them through the show without them breaking anything and no major melt downs or potty accidents. Actually, we all had a delightful time and I found the baby doll cradle I want for Bebe Sister's gift. $15 - wonderful deal. I'm restoring one of my old baby dolls for her. More on that later. Honestly, there was not much there I wanted. I suppose my craft skills are evolving to where I can usually make most things I want for the kids. Most of the Christmas gifts for the kids are homemade this year. More on those later, too. I've just been so busy crafting in my limited free time there is not much time for anything else. Hence the lack of blog posts. I'll catch up, though. I still want to post that info on pediatric UTIs, as well as, the info I researched on shingles.

At the craft show - huge interest in the flocked tree.

We celebrated T Rex Dad's birthday with a blackberry pie and a gift from the kids. Honestly, the best gift was they did not reveal the chosen present ahead of time. Asking a four year old to keep a secret like this is quite an undertaking.

After T Rex Dad's birthday, we can officially start Christmas decorating. We're keeping it very simple this year. We have our small tree. My mom made the kids a very kid-friendly Nativity set. The kids love to carry around the Baby Jesus. Today I found him in the doll house in a cradle and later in the doll house swing.

Here's my advent calendar I made for our family. It's actually a spool holder for thread. Each day the kids add a star. I have 25 stars all different colors. At the top are a Joseph and Mary. 

Here is our finished tree. It is about 4 feet tall, if that, and prelit. All this saved us quite a lot of time with tree trimming and selecting a tree. I wish we had more time to plan an extending outing to choose that perfect tree and then bring it home and string lights on it. Alas, too many obligations. I guess I just cannot say "no" when a friend or family member comes into town and we haven't seen them in several months or even years. I'd rather see them and enjoy their company than invest time in a tree that will have to be tossed away when the holidays are past. Though, I am sad we did not visit our favorite tree vendor and let the kids run through the trees and enjoy the warmth of the fire. Also, our special Christmas angel is staying in storage for fear of damage due to little hands.

Alright, back to school work. Plus, I have a dinner to prepare for some friends we haven't seen in ages. It will be oh so wonderful to have them. I told them to wear clothes they don't mind getting dirty as T Rex Princess may decide to paint the table with mashed potatoes or fling some meat loaf. She's in rare form these days! However, all is forgiven as she is sitting next to me as I type, eating a stick of cheese and saying, "Mama, luv you...much." 

How about T Rex? He is at a great age - not without challenge but today before naps I thanked him for being an amazing kid and thanked him for being born. He replied, "Thank you, Mama, for having me in your tummy."

December may be hectic but it's these kinds of moments are what life is about - not trees or decorations or even birthdays. I won't miss the food flinging or the two hours to induce a nap. But I'll take them all as it also includes the amazing moments, too.


Tat @ Mum in search said...

You crocheted Joseph and Mary are amazing! And given that you've made all the gifts, too, you must have been busy.

Christmas Craft show sounds interesting, I should have a look if there is one around here somewhere.

I'm not much into Christmas time. it's too busy, too commercial, too many people to see, too exhausting plus it reminds me that my family is far away. But I'm trying to make the most of it and like it, too (sigh).

Happy Birthday to T Rex Dad.

Kim said...

I love the tree and LOVE the advent calendar. Your talents never cease to amaze me and how wonderful that you are making most of the gifts!

Jenners said...

It is a stressful time of year when you already have a full plate already (which you most certainly do). And your crafting skills are at a very high level, let me tell you (speaking from the lowest level).

Happy Birthday to T-Rex Dad!

And I hope Baby Jesus is enjoying his trip about the house! Too cute!

JKMommy said...

T Rex is SOO adorable with his comments. And how the kids want Baby Jesus to be more comfortable! LOVE IT!
I THINK that I have that SAME cloth nativity pattern! My sister in law had been holding onto it and finally decided she wasn't going to make it so she just gave it to me - I am hoping to get it done this week!

Charis's Mum said...

I hope you start to enjoy December more. Great idea for the advent calendar. I may have to make one for our family and use it next year.

septembermom said...

I love t rexs expression of love to you!! What a lovely post to read. Your crafts are amazing. Love the tree.