T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011...

Wearing Christmas PJs.
This year we declared we were keeping things as simple as possible. We also wanted to be home as much as possible to enjoy our little ones while they are still little. Our families were most kind to understand our feelings in the matter and helped to accommodate as such, too.

Here's a little recap:

(be forewarned - lots of photos)

December 23rd - Christmas Eve Eve:

Dinner with my family. My sister always sets a beautiful table. This year was no exception. We had surf and turf - organic beef and wild caught snow crab.

The kids had so much fun playing with their cousin Dede. T Rex was literally jumping and pouncing on him. He is really great with them and can always make them laugh. Actually, we were all laughing non-stop.

Dede found a basket with and handle and offered to pull them around like it was a wagon - poor kid, he was doing that for about 20 minutes. Good thing he is young. 

T Rex was fascinated by my sister's Christmas village. I have not put ours up in a couple of years so T Rex has no memory of ours. Yes, my mom has an eye shield on as she had surgery a couple days prior. She is doing great and can see significantly better.

Christmas Eve:

We were up early as Bebe Sister is still adjusting to her sleeping situation. Getting up early worked out fine because we had a house full of guests who stopped in for Christmas Eve brunch - T Rex Dad's sisters and their families. I felt bad as they were earlier than expected and I was still in my PJs. Luckily, family is forgiving and the kids, who were dressed, were kind to entertain while the adults dressed and prepared the food. No photos of this are posted as I did not obtain permission to post. It was a nice gathering and the kids love hanging with their aunties, cousins, and Uncle Doc. Grandma and Grandpa were certainly missed. When our guests departed, the kids and T Rex Dad took naps while I did some last minute preparations.

The evening brought Christmas Eve dinner. Alas, I do not set beautiful tables like my sister. I forgot to make the bread or even prepare a dessert for our meal but the roast was delicious and our wonderful neighbors brought over these frosted sugar cookies that were decadent and severed perfectly as dessert. Then the kids and I made gingerbread cookies. T Rex has this book he loves to read called "The Smells of Christmas". In it, the young bear makes gingerbread boys. T Rex gave this request and since we are working on developing some of our own traditions, I complied. 

The cookies took a while so afterward we quickly bathed and checked the Santa tracker one last time before departing to bed. Yes, Bebe Sister is naked - she insisted on no clothes and these days she is very opinionated and strong willed. We're fine with our independent girl.

Bebe Sister went to bed and T Rex set out cookies - some of Auntie J's homemade ones and some of the gingerbread boys he cut and decorated. Then a viewing of Charlie Brown Christmas.

It was tough to wind the little guy down but he finally went to sleep. Fortunately, everyone was so tired we had a lovely Christmas morning not waking before 8:00 am.

Christmas Day:

By the way, T Rex reported hearing Rudolph's nose and that it woke him during the night. (I'll try to post a video interview with him on his blog soon along with other Christmas photos.)

This is the photo of the tree as we saw it first thing in the morning. 

The kids delighted in opening their stockings. Bebe Sister would have been fine unwrapping one gift and just being allowed to play with it. T Rex had fun in the opening so it was a lovely partnership. 

T Rex was most excited about the small Jeff Gorvette Cars Car that Santa brought. Oh, the little things...I love it.

A few of the gifts the kids received...

Handmade vest from Auntie J
Driving the new Jeff Gorvette on Ms. Julie's car roll she made for T Rex - thank you!
From Grandma and Grandpa
New mitt with soft balls from cousin Dede.
Then off to ride that new scoot(er) that Santa brought T Rex, as requested. After T Rex Dad helped T Rex get started he wanted to give a demo to his cousin Dede.

Everyone was far too generous to us. Honestly, having a healthy Christmas was more than enough as last year we were all too ill to do much other than watch a Christmas show. Thank you all for sharing these Christmas photos, moments, and memories. We hope you also had a wonderful and blessed Christmas, if you celebrate it. 

Onto the new year...


Charis's Mum said...

I like your comment that "Bebe Sister would have been fine unwrapping one gift and just being allowed to play with it." That's almost how Charis was, but she would have played with the wrapping paper. Hope you're having a nice break from school. When do you start this semester?

Jenners said...

Looks like a wonderfully (and healthy!!) Christmas! Yay!

Wishing you the best of everything in 2012!

Kim said...

Your Christmas looks and sounds perfect. We were lucky enough to stay close to home on Christmas day. It was lovely.

septembermom said...

Thank you for sharing your family joy with us here. Beautiful!