T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, December 31, 2011

House Fire...Drill...

Remember when T Rex pulled the fire alarm at T Rex Dad's company health center? That pales in comparison to this. At least none of us are to blame this time. Here are two versions of the same story.
T Rex Dad's version...
Did you know that it's standard procedure to send two fire trucks, a hook and ladder truck, and a command vehicle to a 911 call for a fire alarm at home? We didn't either, until last night when we were forced to call because every smoke alarm in our house went off for 30 minutes starting at 2:50 AM (of course).

After evacuating the kids and dogs to our most excellent and kind neighbors, we called 911 and the firemen arrived in about 4 minutes. They were super friendly and kind, and searched the house from bottom to top, finding no fire or hot spots. Weird? They said it's very common for dust or even a spider to trip the detectors. The detectors stopped screeching about the time the firemen arrived.

In case you are wondering what this is a picture of, it is a spider emerging from a smoke detector in our bonus room at 3:27 AM....
Much embarrassment and very little sleep for all involved. Thanks Mr Spider..... Glad this was only a 'drill' though.
T Rex Mom's version...

Awakened to a single, loud chirp of a fire alarm at around 2:50 am, I asked T Rex Dad to investigate. As he emerged from bed all the alarms started to go off. I reached for my glasses, robe, and slippers, took a quick sniff and look around. The kids were still sleeping. T Rex Dad raced around the house looking for the fire which he could not find. We decided we could not stay in the house in case there was something smoldering somewhere. I bundled up the kids and with little Bebe Sister wrapped in blankets ran over to the Good Neighbors' house and rang the door bell. 

They emerged and heard the alarms and whisked us inside to a warm bed. I can only imagine what they were thinking seeing the kids and me in our PJs outside their doorstep at 3:00 am before they heard the alarms.

While we comforted and warmed the kids, T Rex Dad called 9-1-1. T Rex was a bit upset by all the noise in our house. Bebe Sister woke up the moment I laid her in the soft, cool bed (silly girl). We could hear the fire trucks arriving and T Rex kept asking to go see. Neighbor D went to see if T Rex Dad needed assistance. He also grabbed his camera and took the firetruck photos knowing it would be great blog fodder - seriously, these people are always thinking of others.

Neighbor M, beloved of the kids, stayed with us and kept us company. Finally after about 30 minutes we bundled back up and went home. Verdict - something tripped the alarm system - dust or spider. Alas, we could not ignore the alarms knowing we have small kids and pets that rely on us in case there was truly something wrong. The firemen said it was the right thing to do and it happens more often than people think. Sometimes, the house really is on fire and all those trucks are needed.

We are so glad everything was alright. Also glad to know our tax dollars cover this house visit, too - I was not looking forward to that bill. I kept telling T Rex we could take him to see the fire engines this year. Guess we had to sneak this in on the last day of the year! The fire chief personally invited him to tour the fire house at his convenience. T Rex was most gracious and shook all their hands and thanked them before bidding them farewell.

Here's a little interview I took just as the fire trucks were pulling away:

Well, we needed a fun and exciting story for 2011.  We bid thee farewell and express our gratitude and thanks to all those who have made this year a wonderful one.

Onto 2012 - here's hoping the excitement we have is equally innocent.


JKMommy said...

oh my goodness - that interview is precious - your kid's are adorable!
I am SO sorry you had such a scare but glad it turned out to be just a spider - honestly you are SO prepared, I don't know WHAT I would've done... I should start making an evac. plan! :)

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness! I have never heard of such a thing! How scary it must have been! (for you- sounds like the kids had a blast!) How long did it take for them to go back to sleep?

Tat said...

Oh, I'm glad you are ok.

Kim said...

What a terrible thing to happen at an awful time. We too are lucky enough to have wonderful neighbours. It's rare.

septembermom said...

That is a dramatic way to end the year! Glad everything worked out ok. Good pics too!