T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eye of the Storm...

This week I worked on my written comprehensive to complete my master's component to my family nurse practitioner studies. Sometimes I think how will exercises like this benefit me in providing care to patients? Honestly, I know much of it is an exercise in following instructions added to some tradition. Though, last week I did apply some theory to convincing a patient to seek counseling. Maybe there is something to this theoretical application after all. (Did you ever think when you were seeing a health care provider so much was going on?)

So how did my written exam work? Last Saturday I was given a question for which I was given a week to complete the project. This was the assignment:

Discuss a national rural health issue, propose an intervention, detail how you as an advanced practice nurse would implement such an intervention working with other disciplines, and apply a theoretical framework.

I had three and a half pages just for references. In the end, it came together nicely. I'll spare you the details except to say, I have to pass this in order to advance to my oral exams. Of course, all this is going on while doing intensive clinical rotations at three different locations. I know it's sort of a make or break you thing. Add to this some of the other "T's" and "I's" that need crossing and dotting in order to graduate. Craziness. All I can say is that graduation is less than 100 days away and all is on track and we are surviving. 

Oh, this past week when all this is going on would be the week we would all come down with a cold virus. All diamonds must go through intense pressure to be born. As long as I end up being polished and beautiful when the time comes it will be worth it.

In the middle of all this week's craziness, I took the kids to the park. The weather has been mild and fresh cool air can help cold symptoms, so we bundled up and visited a very empty park. I have to say it was 35 minutes of heaven on earth playing with these sweet kiddos. I just wish T Rex Dad could have been in on the fun. He has been logging quite a lot of hours at work. Just more to juggle. Still, though, he manages to pull it together, come home, and help so I can keep up. 

There is more craziness to come as in February I start 12 hour shifts three to four times a week and then March brings oral exams. It really is a sprint to the finish line but I can see the end. Hence, the storm continues to rage but for now we'll enjoy a brief break for some giggles and smiles.


Caitlin said...

Ay yi yi! So glad you got to check this off your list and enjoy some play time! Love your comment about the diamond! AND love the new Header picture!

Jenners said...

You will come out of this a diamond! You already are a diamond … you'll just be a more lustrous one with more clarity!

Tat @ Mum in search said...

Just reading that assignment would make me want to give up. Well done for putting it all together!

Kim said...

Oh friend, I don't know how you are doing all of this extra work ontop of the work of raising those beautiful babies.I think you are right about diamonds needing to go through the process - you my friend are definitely a sparkly beautiful diamond.

Your beautiful comment on my last post made me cry. I have a need to write about my child hood to get it out and that you feel it doesn't sound like I'm searching for sympathy - well that is a compliment. xoxo

septembermom said...

You are a diamond that sparkles for all to see!