T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Survival of the Fittest

We survived the last week...

I now have two weeks of urgent care and many hours under my belt. I treated a ton of upper respiratory infections, diagnosed some pneumonia, uncovered a few fractures, and even sewed up a simple laceration. I have a tremendously patient and knowledgeable preceptor. I am grateful for this as it has really been solidifying my knowledge base and skills. 

At first I was having a hard time connecting with my preceptor. Oh she was great but I just felt like I was just another student to her and I wanted to be a three dimensional person with a life beyond the clinic - tough when there is no time to talk. One night before I was scheduled to work I said an earnest prayer that I could make a connection with her. The next day while I was standing in my preceptor's office I recognized a person in the photo on her wall. It turns out we were neighbors once upon a time. Connection made - it was a great day!

My urgent care clinical days are full. I've lost a couple pounds just because when I'm at the clinic I'm pretty much on a diet of anything that can be eaten within 2-3 minutes and in between patients. We see an endless stream of patients and most of the time our days extend well past the 12 hour mark.The days are more like 14 hour days with commute making it so I often miss out on seeing the kids during the day. One day, Lil Sister was so mad at me for being away she would not even look at me. It's been tough on all of us but last week was probably my hardest so it will start to get better.

I finally have a long weekend to reconnect with my husband and kids. It's been wonderful. Although, T Rex Dad and the kids have been struggling with a cold so we did not do much this weekend but we did sneak away for a brief visit to the Cabella's fish tank. It's been years since I've been there and the kids had never seen the trout or catfish tanks. What a fun free outing!

The sturgeon was by far the coolest and attracted the most attention of all of us. I took a few photos of the kids in proximity to it so you can see how large it is. This, of course, is a juvenile. The trout in the tank, however, are adults. I find sturgeon to be very prehistoric looking. (They are also very fun to fish - catch and release only, though.) Lil Sis also loved the albino channel catfish (meow-fish as she called them). She kept trying to show them her beloved "Meow-Meow".

It has certainly felt like survival of the fittest but we continue to survive and the little ones are even thriving. They are truly the sweetest and continue to make us smile day after day - even if their noses are red and endlessly dripping. 

This was certainly a much more pleasant read than what I almost posted - last week I had two patients yell at me because I refused to prescribe antibiotics. My preceptor supported me 100% - I did my best at educating but some folks just don't understand why inappropriate use of antibiotics is dangerous and unethical. Let me know if you want me to post my rant. (I know I still owe a posting on pediatric UTIs). In the mean time, I think photos of our outing are much more uplifting.


Charis's Mum said...

I'm glad your preceptor backed you up on not prescribing antibiotics! Hopefully Lil Sister will not be that way everyday. The days I work, my daughter loves seeing my face, but she may be that way because she knows she'll get "milkies". Glad you and your family were able to go to the fish tank.

Jenners said...

Hang in there … it will get better and Bebe Sister won't remember ANY of this. : )

Sounds like you are being challenged but in a good way. Yay for your preceptor supporting you … and for finding common ground.

Boise Wiebers said...

Your daughter's anger with me left me hurting on your behalf. Rest assured, as she grows and better understands the gifts you received during this education process, she will undoubtedly forgive you for your absence on your long days at the clinic. You will be her hero for being able to help others in need.

Tat @ Mum in search said...

I know someone who's a bit like that. She'd go to the doctor and if they didn't prescribe her a ton of medicines, she'd say the doctor didn't care enough, or wasn't good enough, or something.. then she'd go to see another one (until she gets her way). Then one day her child was in the hospital with pneumonia with super high fever that would not react to medication. It all ended up ok and they found a homeopath after that to strengthen the girl's immune system in a more natural way. Hopefully your patients will listen to you when you are trying to educate them and not have to learn the hard way.

septembermom said...

Glad that you made a great connection with your preceptor. You are doing wonderful. What a true gift you will be to all your patients. It looks like that fish tank would keep my kids interested for a long time too.

JKMommy said...

That is great when you can make a strong connection like that with someone you work with! :)
LOVE Cabela's fish tank - we have one just a couple miles from our house and are frequent visitors! I should take some pics next time!
I hope you're getting enough rest and snacks at work!!!
Oh and... that day I went to the Toy Fair? A. had a meltdown when I came back and would not come to me for about an HOUR! And that was just ONE day of being gone!!! :) So I know the feeling!!