T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, July 9, 2012

From the 4th...

It was a simple 4th.

First, the annual BBQ at our friends' place. There were various activities for the kids but most were older and just hang out being pre-adolescents but there are a couple of great little babysitters who offered to watch the kids while we visited with friends.  However, someone came up to me and said T Rex was in the kiddie pool. I gave T Rex Dad the grumpy face because I did not really want him getting wet. Then I thought about it and figured I always carry a change of clothes so I should not worry. Instead I opted to go out and ensure he had plenty of supervision. 

When I went outside, indeed he had plenty of supervision. He had a captive audience as he streaked completely naked across the yard and into the pool. There was no stopping him either. I went in and told his dad what he was up to and we both chuckled, went out and insisted he at least put on underwear, and then did not even try to argue with our daughter when she insisted she do the same. In a while we were all laughing so hard watching the kids play with the hose and pool. Talk about good old fashioned fun.

On the 3rd we stopped for $20 worth of kid-friendly fireworks. After coming home from our BBQ with friends, we set up our fireworks. Neighbors D&M happen to pull into their driveway at the same time so they joined us. They offered morale support anytime the kids were a bit nervous.

We started off with some poppers and snakes. Our little girl could not throw the poppers hard enough to make them pop so we opted to have them stomp on them.

Then onto some tanks and smoke bombs. We were trying to go with things that made little noise. Neither of the kids are fans of loud booms. As you can see, T Rex's arms are up so he can cover his ears while still holding his Hulk figure.

Then the booms started. Some neighbors, not in our immediate area, were shooting off the illegal types and were they loud. T Rex Dad pulled out some ear protection and the kids watched while we lit off the remainder of the fireworks. The "big finale" a couple of friendship pagodas. Seriously, do these fireworks ever change? I think the boxes are still the same as when I was a kid.

We find having small kids tends to keep our lives very simple. However, it does also make us smile far more than we ever realized possible.


Jenners said...

We can't have fireworks here in NJ so I'm envious that you got to do all these "exotic" sounding things. And the pool story sounds so funny!

Kim said...

Isn't it so true about how they make you smile all the time. I laughed at the idea of T REx having some good old fashioned fun in the pool. We've had to explain to Deaglan a lot lately why he can't be naked outside. It didn't really become a thing until Naveen reached the sweet age that he prefers to be naked above all else. I admit, they are so darn cute in their birthday suits.

Julie K. said...

I love fireworks! A. doesn't mind the loud booms as long as he's warned ahead of time and told what they are - but I know most kids dislike them!
LOVE the ear protection - smart dad!!

AND also love the new header photo!!