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T Rex Family

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Union Pacific Railroad - 150 Years...

I know, I know...

I am quite behind on postings. T Rex Dad has been off of work most of this past week and when I've not been working we've all been enjoying a "stacation". Hence, my lack of online presence of late. I have a lengthy update on work (still going great but a little bit on the background) which I will post, too. However, I did want to put up these photos from a really fun experience we had this weekend.

The Union Pacific Railroad is celebrating 150 years of service and they brought their museum on train wheels to our small city. This comes at quite an opportune time. About a week and a half ago I took the kids to the now retired train depot to visit "Big Mike" the retired train engine. Their dad surprised them by showing up during his lunch break. We walked around and after a bit of time heard a train whistle. T Rex Dad and I looked at each other and blinked. We were not even sure the railroad near the depot was even accessible or maintained. It looked good but it had been years since we saw a train pass by. We waited and the whistle sounded closer and closer. Sure enough a long train passed right by. The kids had never seen a real working train before and both were surprised by the loudness of both the wheels on the tracks as well as the whistle. (They were also somewhat scared - we were so close we could have reached out and touched it.)

I will say it was a pretty cool moment standing at that old depot seeing a train pass right by. I am certain in its glory days it was a wonderful place to catch and disembark trains. Well, fast forward and we hear the Union Pacific is hosting a free community event at the train depot to celebrate 150 years of service. We knew instantly we had to go. It was such a hot day but so well worth the efforts. It was actually a great way to wrap up our little summer stacation.

Enjoy the photos. And I promise this week I'll post more updates and maybe even get caught up in the next week or two. Don't forget to check the kids' blogs, too. I'll be updating photos there. And as always, thanks for reading and showing interest in our lives. 




Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Looks like a lot of fun! We are big train fans in our house :)

Caitlin said...

Soo coool! You guys always find the most fun things to do! Can't wait to hear about your staycation- I bet it was fun!
And glad to see you back on here- I was starting to get worried but thought maybe it was just the job!

Kim said...

Oh I am completely envious of this!! THe boys would go crazy for something like this. We do have a few places to go see trains - an old rail museum but nothing really neat like this outside. Love the family photo.

Julie K. said...

trains are SO much fun for kids - I am certain 100 years from now kids will STILL love trains! :)
How COOL that you happened to be there when a train went by (although sorry the kids were scared) but what a moment!!!