T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good Bye, Dear Friend...

I was a perfect evening.

Not too hot yet we had the kiddie pool warmed up Neighbor D style to a comfy 90 degrees. Captain America even made an appearance.

I could hear the doves cooing, quail calling, and the humming birds squeaking and buzzing.

We were all calm and content enjoying the evening.

Except, there was this heavy feeling in our hearts knowing it would be the last time we did this all together. You see, our dear family dog Sydney has been getting on in years. She surprised us all beating squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) not once but twice and dealing with a life-long chronic illness type of lupus. Yet, she still plugged along minus a few toes and was actually keeping up. Then last week she just decided to stop eating. We watched and waited. We even tried feeding her fresh turkey with little to no success. She was old. Very old by big dog specs. 

I sat down and had a little talk with her. We exchanged feelings and I knew what had to be done. Then I decided. It had to be me who did so. You see, she was my dog before T Rex Dad and I were married. In fact, I still remember the day he met her for the first time. They had to inspect each other before we were to be married. He would be adopting her into our family. I was not worried. With years of service volunteering with our local animal rescue service, I know she would love him and she in return. They did. 

Oh, she was a spaz. Even after I spent all my free money while I was in college sending her off to doggie training camp, she still never really learned to walk on a leash. She just wanted to run. And what a nose that girl had on her! It was in her genes. Her father was a decorated narcotics police dog. Actually, I met her father and the two were so similar down to the way they tucked their tails under when they sat or held their charcoal velvet noses to the sky to be petted.

So that night we celebrated her life. T Rex Dad mixed up some concrete and all our kids, canine included, placed their prints for us to preserve forever. The kids loved on her. Then we said our good byes.

It was a perfect evening together as a family. I will never forget it. I am so grateful for the time we had with our dear canine friend and the memories she left with us - fun things like watching her dive off docks or endlessly chasing tennis balls. She was an incredible swimmer which earned her the nickname torpedo. All these wonderful memories warm my heart.Which at the moment, does seem to ease the pain of her passing and absence. 

Good bye to my soft-muzzled girl...I will miss celebrating our birthday together.

 In memory of Sydney


Tat said...

Oh, you've created a wonderful ritual and I'm so sorry... it must be so sad. It something we know when we take a pet that the chances are we will lose them one day, before we are quite ready. But it's worth having them and loving them in our lives anyway.

Caitlin said...

I am so sorry to hear this! So glad you had a peaceful family day though, and some wonderful pictures to remember her by! what a good doggie.

JenniSue said...

I can't stop crying for you and your family, most especially your kids. After reading about Sydney she sounds just like my Jasmine, and my daughter will be heart broken when we have to make that tough decision you did. My daughter came over as I was reading this post and saw me crying and asked why. I told her that your puppy (all dogs are puppies at our house) had lived a long life and had to go to heaven. She got a big smile on her face and said "now baby Lucas has a puppy to play with too!" Maybe Sydney is keeping my little guy company.

Jenners said...

Oh .. I'm so sorry for your loss but what a beautiful way to pay tribute to your beloved friend. The ceremony you did to say goodbye was wonderful and I think you handled it beautifully.

Kim said...

Big sigh. What a lovely sweet face he has and I know the heartache of this loss...we lost our own Judge when I was pregnant with Deaglan. Hugs to all of you.