T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bike Ride and Pool Trip...

Summer is flying past and yet this is the first we've pulled out the bike trailer and headed to our local pool. The weather has just been so odd either too cold or just too hot, or the weather is nice and I am scheduled to work. (Seriously, I work 2 days out of 7 - why those two days would be the only nice ones?)

However, T Rex Dad did recently tuned up my bike and made it road-worthy along with attaching the trailer. The kids are still small enough to both fit and be within weight parameters. Plus, I think soon T Rex is going to want to have a bike of his own and ride it himself (Grandpa N is working on this but our little guy does not know it yet). 

This past week we loaded up, took a long round about way to the neighborhood pool, and had some swimming fun. It was about 98 degrees - kind of hot for a bike ride but perfect for swimming in the unheated pools. (The kids are like me, not interested in swimming in cold water.)

The bike ride wore me out since I'm used to working out on the elliptical and not pulling a bike trailer. Oh, my bike has mountain bike tires so it makes pulling a trailer even harder due to increased road friction and resistance. It really is a good work out, especially in the hilly parts of our neighborhood.

We packed some blow up toys and the kids loves having those. I did bring both their life jackets. When it's just me and the pool has no life guard, as good as T Rex is getting with his swimming, I don't feel comfortable being without the jackets. Yes, Lil Sister is still in the infant size one - she's still only about 24 lbs. I tried putting her in T Rex's with a minimum limit of 30lbs and she capsizes forward. Actually, I was very glad she had on that bulky infant one with the padding in back. At one point she jumped in and did not jump out far enough. She would have bumped her head on the side of the pool but instead ended up hitting the jacket. 

My little guy had such a great time jumping into the kiddie pool. I posted more photos of his impressive jumps on his blog page.

The kids ended up being exhausted from their 2 hours of swimming. After our picnic lunch we headed home and they took heavenly naps during which I managed to complete 3 projects I've been working on for several months. I promise to post those photos. I know, I know...I've been promising to post project photos. I will. Soon. These just don't seem as important as keeping up on the family happenings.

I do hope the rest of you are enjoying your summers and making lots of fun memories with your families. As always, thank you for your interest in our lives and including our happenings into your lives.

P.S. Yes, taking the kids to the pool solo is a labor of love. At least this trip no tears were involved. The most recent trip - we all cried.


Jenners said...

Looks like you had the pool all to yourselves!!

Kim said...

I haven't taken my bike trailer out in a long time but your post inspires me! We have a big boy bike for Deaglan but there has been no time to teach him.I feel better knowing That Rex hasn't been riding around on his yet.

Julie K. said...

Your pool looks amazing (and NEW!)... we took a few trips to the pool this year but I did not get to really enjoy it as I was recovering PP!
I LOVE that horsie blowup toy - want one! :)
and... now you have inspired me to think about toting the kids around town next summer in our bike trailer!

septembermom said...

Love that pool. The horse float is adorable. The water looks very refreshing. I'm sure the kids loved it!