T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Projects - Sewing - Part One

I've been promising to post photos of the projects I completed this summer. There are many both sewn or crocheted. We'll do these in installments to prevent one giant posting. Plus, it makes me feel less overwhelmed and I can post on other topics in between.

Here is the first installment with a couple of stories to go along.

First I'll start with some baby shower gifts. We have a couple ladies at work having babies next month. This week is their shower during lunch time and one of them requested a car seat cover. I had actually already made little outfits but after she asked if I could do a cover, I opted to just gift the covers along with the outfits. The cover was pretty easy. I've never made one of these before so I followed an online tutorial. Then T Rex Dad pulled out our old car seat so I could ensure dimensions were correct. Pretty simple project. Of course, I had to make bags to wrap everything up in and coordinating cards, too.

Story to go along with the car seat covers:

The request for the cover came on Friday at noon and the shower is Monday at noon. We had a dinner on Friday night so after the dinner, I dropped off T Rex Dad at home to do some chores and the kids and I headed to Joann's near the house for some fabric. We arrived around 8:15 pm so pushing the bedtime. We went in, found what we wanted (the kids love to help pick out fabric) and then headed to the cutting table. We were 3rd in line. First in line was someone with 12 different types of fabric and very undecided. 

The kids started to get antsy but we kept waiting. The 2nd in line let us skip ahead and we had our stuff cut. We headed to the check out register and found ourselves behind undecided lady again. That was when we noticed her cart was half full of thread. There was a 50% off safe and she decided she needed over 100 spools of thread. I took a deep breath and we waited. Then we waited some more. The kids started to whine loudly but I actually did not mind because I figured it would rush things along. 100+ spools of thread later, the order is totaled. Now the undecided lady starts pulling out coupons. We watch her go through all her printed coupons before she moved to the ones on her phone. At that point, the kids are falling on the ground asking to go to bed. I apologized to the checker and left my stuff at the counter while carrying the kids to the car. As we drove away I saw undecided lady still scrolling through more coupons. We went back the next morning and had a totally pleasant experience without any of us shedding tears.

Alright, here are the photos:

The car seat covers have different materials on each side. Hence, the two views.

First version:

Second version:

Cards made from left over fabric:

Next, the little girl outfits (obviously, both the babies are girls). 

Lil Sister went with me to pick out the fabric. We had a ladies night fabric shopping. I asked her to pick out some lovely fabric for baby girls. She insisted everything be pink. I found some really lovely floral print in blues or yellows or even greens but she vetoed every one - only pink was allowed. Still it was a fun mother daughter outing and I suspect she's going to be crafting for herself very soon. She loves to get down on the floor and trace patterns or assist me with the cutting. Measuring is her favorite, though. The polka dot one or the second one shown was the favorite fabric and Lil Sister had me make a dress for fall out of it. You'll be seeing it at a later time.

Here are the photos:

We'll stop there. These are the most recently completed projects. I'll move backward from henceforth.  

Stay tuned for more and thanks for sharing in my projects...


angie said...

I love, love, love, the car seat covers. I wish I had those when I had my kids. I always had a blanket on mine and think they are so clever!!!! Handmade baby gifts are such a treasure!

Jenners said...

Adorable -- and clever. You're so gifted. As for the lady in the store -- she should have told you to go ahead. She is obviously a bit self-centered!!!

Charis's Mum said...

I love the sewing projects. I get so frustrated with indecisive people, especially at the fabric counter as I'm waiting there and know what I want.

Caitlin said...

Sooooo cute- and those carseat covers look so handy! Of course I am partial to the project that you made for me, however... :)

Julie K. said...

First, the fabrics are DARLING!!! I love it - you make the cutest things!!!!
Second - WOW I cannot believe the undecided customer story- that lady should have let you go while she figured out her stuff. :( sooo frustrating. I would've probably had my own meltdown! LOL

septembermom said...

That customer story is too much!

And the sewing projects came out terrific!