T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Super Hero Invasion...

We've been invaded by Super Heroes.

T Rex is really into super heroes. In fact, he will say, "Hi, I'm T, and I'm really into super heroes." Of course, being the adoring younger sibling, Lil Sis totally gets in on the action, too. Although, she does not have the cool gear that her brother has. She tends to still choose toys in the princess or fairy realm. However, she happily uses whatever is left over to try to keep up with her brother.

Here is a photo of Captain America and "She Cap". Yes, Lil Sis and T Rex came up with the name "She Cap" on their own. He has her use the lid to his sandbox tools as her shield. I think it's perfect actually. 

We originally had plans to go out of town for Labor Day weekend but when we received an invitation to a birthday party with the theme of super heroes, we canceled our plans and planned our costumes - there was no way our son was missing that party. 

I also want to preface something. What my kids have learned of super heroes is almost exclusively through age-appropriate books checked out from the library. They've seen a tiny bit of the 1960's Batman or super hero cartoons but not much in the realistic realm.

T Rex, of course, wanted to be Captain America. We went all out to help him actualize his costume. I was wanting to make his but we found a costume online at a less expensive price than what I could have pulled together. However, after the party it was pretty much trashed from all the fun in the bounce house. Hence, I suppose you get what you pay for.

Lil Sister insisted on being Black Widow the Super Spy. Try as I might to convince her Cat Woman was the way to go, she would not back down. And since we're trying to teach her to be an independent thinking young lady, we opted to not push her into our way of thinking but rather allow her to decide. I did make her costume and it turned out great. Hopefully, no one thinks us crazy for allowing our 2 1/2 year old to wear black vinyl pants. Plus, the utility belt was super fun to make. The kids do not have toy guns so instead of a gun belt I opted for a utility belt. I hung a tape measure on it and she had so much fun going up and measuring things and people. I also styled her hair with gel and the hair dryer for the first time.The costume must have been a hit with the kids at the party because the older girls were all fighting over who was going to help her in the bounce house and down the blow-up slide.

I'll post more photos on their blogs of their costumes so you can get a closer look. Oh, and something I did find interesting - our daughter's waist is 18 inches. Everyone, and I mean everyone, exclaims about her petite build. Let me just say that I am blow away by those Civil War era Southern women who used to have 18 inch waistlines. That would basically be the size of my daughter's waist now and she's a tiny 2 1/2 year old.

T Rex Dad and I dressed up as Lois and Clark. I cannot believe we did not have someone take our picture. T Rex Dad looked great. It was fun to be dressed up at a party and it not be Halloween.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the gift was we took for the birthday boy, here's my favorite part of it.

Please, feel safer knowing there are Super Heroes protecting us all!

P.S. Yes, last week we all enjoyed the viral gastrointestinal bug but we survived and are happy to have that behind us. Speaking from experience, I understand why the kids insisted on being held and frequently moaned. Hence, we're a bit behind on postings. I'll do catch up this week.


Jenners said...

I know I would feel safe with those super heroes protecting me!! Their cuteness rays alone would blind any villains!!! And women had an 18 inch waist? That is insane!!

shell said...

Great looking costumes! I imagine they had a great time. Great idea for a bday party.

Tat said...

Oh, they are so cute, you are so lucky to have superheroes looking after you. My kids used to be into superheroes, now they love pirates. My son even wanted to do a speech for school how he was going to be a pirate when he grew up.

septembermom said...

So cute! They could be on a commercial in those outfits. Adorable! I'm glad that the nasty virus left your house.

Julie K. said...

Cute vinyl pants! :) the costumes are awesome