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T Rex Family

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Art Projects...

Once a week during our home preschool time, the kids and I do an art project. Oh, we do plenty of coloring, drawing, and writing during the week but once a week I like to complete an actual project with them. 

This week they requested to do something with a Halloween theme. This year T Rex is less scared of the spooky creatures of Halloween. In years past we could not even go in the grocery store without tears when the spider would jump out or the witch would start talking as we passed it. This year, he LOVES it. He is especially fascinated by mummies. When I explained where they originated (so we added a little history lesson to our art time), he was really interested. So, we wanted his Halloween art project to be a mummy.

Lil Sister is still not so much into the scary stuff. Oh, it does not bother her as few things actually scare her, but she loves cats and all things with cats - especially black cats like her beloved Jenny Linsky. So, her requested project was to make a pumpkin cat.

Now T Rex devised his project nearly entirely on his own. He came up with the idea of how to make the mummy with shredded paper towels as bandages. I did have to draw the body (at his direction) and cut it for him but everything else is all his doing. Lil Sister's pumpkin cat did require more effort on my part but she still glued it together assembling all the pieces and drawing the face on it, too.

So here I present to you the finished products: Mummy and Pumpkin Cat.

I've decided I need to save these and put them out every year as decor. What comes from the mind of a child is just amazing to me.

(P.S. Work is awesome and things are really starting to click. I hit a record high for number of patients I saw this past Friday, and I managed to stay on time, help one of the physicians who was running behind, and make it home on time. T Rex Dad received a text from me in the mist of it that simply stated, "LOVE my job!" Oh, yes, I have finally entered the world of text messaging. I needed to for work purposes.)


T Rex Mom said...
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Jenners said...

I see the kids take after their creative and talented mom! Love both of them!

Julie Kieras said...

sooo creative with the Mummy! I am pinning this to my Pinterest board! :) And yes, do save their work!! but good thing also you took pics b/c that will save it forever. Such cute crafts!!