T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Crochet Projects...

Here are few of the recent additions to my crocheting repertoire...

Yes, all my own patterns, too. 

This was a request from my nephew for the girl he really likes (still not old enough to date). 

This photo shows size perspective. Plus, I love seeing my creations get snuggles.

Then the "Baby Hulk" as requested by T Rex. He's been reading a comic book where the Super Hero Squad gets turned into babies. Thus, he wanted a Baby Hulk. Here is my best interpretation. He's already requested a Baby Thor and Baby Iron Man, too.

Then, of course, Lil Sister wanted a Tinkerbell doll, too.

Lastly, "BaaBaa, the Baby Sheep".

I'm nearly complete with the first of my Christmas gifts and the bazaar items. I'll post more soon. I know I'm posting more infrequently but the bazaar preparations are keeping me busy. Plus, I sold three hats this past week and needed to get those done, too, as the profit is funding my bazaar creations. 


Camie said...

Amazing!!! I may have to put in my own requests :)

Jenners said...

They are all wonderful! If some of these are your own patteners, you could create a book!

Julie Kieras said...

you are fantastic!! You need to put a book out of your cute creations!! I just love the turtle. Okay I love them ALL!!
haha and love the BABY superheroes.
The best part is how your children have these one-of-a-kind toys!!