T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012...

It is really fun that we're getting into a rhythm of traditions in our own household. We kept thinking what traditions we wanted to instill in our family and they just sort of unfolded on their own.

For Christmas Eve eve we spend the evening with T Rex Dad's family at his parents house. It was a grand time - very laid back and the kids' favorite food for dinner...pizza!

This morning we woke up, had a slow start to the morning and then went about a fairly normal day. We met up with my family for a brisk walk downtown, some lunch, and present deliveries. We opted to skip naps so the kids would not have any issues falling asleep early as Santa was very clear when he met with the kids that he does not stop if kids are peeking or not in bed. Plus, both kids have had a lingering cough which is quite disruptive to their sleep. We've all struggled with this virus but at least it was not influenza A like my nephew had this past week.

The kids watched a Santa movie while I stitched up one last project for T Rex Dad. Of course, no project plan survives contact with the enemy. I ran out of fabric and had to improvise. I hope he likes the finished project.

Then downstairs we went to make gingerbread cookies for Santa.


After dinner and baths, we checked on Santa's progress via Norad and then snuggled under blankets in front of the television and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas.

We put out the cookies for Santa.

Then T Rex told us why we give presents at Christmas ("Because it's Jesus' birthday). For the full accounting I will post the video (it is only a minute long). It melts my heart that he knows and loves the story so much.

The kids managed to make it to bed before Santa even hit North America. We are really hoping for a good rest, kids who are feeling better, and lots of excitement in the morning.

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night.


Julie Kieras said...

Awww this made my night reading this post! A great end to my Christmas Day! Your kids are too sweet! We are still making our way through determining our holiday traditions, trying some on for size and all...hopefully by next year we will have a routine in place! :)
Merry Christmas!!!!

Missus Wookie said...

Merry Christmas.

Looking back at our family traditions this year - now that both 'kids' are over 18. I'm glad we deliberately made traditions, it adds so much to the experience.

Hope it was a blessed time together for you all.

Caitlin said...

OH! that video is just the sweetest thing EVER!! well done trex! what a peaceful, magical christmas eve!!

Jenners said...

I tell you, you're raising your kids right!! This was a wonderful post. Thanks! (And happy holidays!)

Julie Kieras said...

me again - I did not get to watch the video last time b/c I was on my ipad and it wouldn't work for some reason But now I just remembered to come back and check it out - HOW sweet. I love that they clearly know the true meaning of Christmas and gift giving! :) I can't wait to make a video of my kids once they know the story so well!!