T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Garden-a-Glow 2012

As I alluded to in a previous posting, one of our Advent activities was to visit the local botanical garden's Winter Garden-a-Glow. It was just the perfect outing for our kids. They were sick but needed to get some fresh air and be out of the house. Plus, we were not in close proximity to anyone so they would not expose them to their illness. 

We saw the mini trains, the reindeer, and the kids rolled down a small hill. The trains were new last year but we arrived too late to see them set up. This year was such a treat seeing the trains. Sister LOVES trains and was really excited to see some of the engines were actually Thomas and Percy. It was the first year we did not get hot cider and cookies. T was a little sad about the sugar cookies being all gone (rarely does he find treats he likes) but he was happy just to be out of the house and LOVED rolling down the hill in his fluffy winter suit.

Oh, and yes, T wore his Captain America mask to keep warm, too. He attracted a lot of attention doing so, too. One person pretended to be a villain and Cap chased him around for a few minutes before declaring victory.

Here are the photos from this year. 


Jenners said...

Looks so cool!!!

Julie Kieras said...

your children are adorable - the cape and all! :) This garden exhibit looks amazing. We did not get to any outdoor Christmas events this year but we did go see a huge museum Christmas tree display which was pretty cool! :)