T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elementary School Carnival 2013

Before embarking on our vacation we opted to stay behind and allow the kids to attend the local elementary school carnival. We attended last year and had a great time so we really wanted to keep the tradition alive. 

It was even better this year than last. Chilly weather but plenty of fun to be had. The big draw for the kids were the games - most of which were free and there were prizes just for playing. I thought the most cleaver was the giant, life-sized Angry Birds Game. The kids really got a kick out of launching the giant turret. Of course, the bounce houses were also a big attraction, too. Enjoy the photos...

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Jenners said...

As the new PTO president for my son's school, I was looking at everything with an eye to "could we do that?" Love the Angry Birds game!