T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tap Dance Recital

At 16 weeks pregnant (in this photo), here I am, the tap dancing nurse practitioner.

The action shots are not that great as the lighting was not all that great either. However, I have to document the event. I worked hard for 9 months refreshing my memory of all those tap moves from many years past. 

My true passion is for ballet but with all the kids have going on and working, I cannot maintain the focus and commitment I need to get back into that type of shape. Plus, a year ago when I signed up for dance we were thinking about having a third child and I knew my ballet body is not conducive to having a baby. Hence, tap dancing it was. Plus, I took an intermediate class instead of advanced. It was perfect. I could show up about half the time and be just where I needed to be. I did suffer pregnancy mom brain the week leading up to the recital and just simply forgot entire chunks of both the programs. My instructor chuckled saying, "That's new? Are you trying to get out of being in the front row of these performances." 

I was in two pieces - the big number "Footloose" that combined all the tap classes and then our own class number which I think was the best number of them all "Come Follow the Band". It was a 1920's style with the Charleston and various other "flapper-type" moves integrated. Plus, it had a lot more upper body action, which I like, and tap often lacks as well as being a pretty good cardio work out, too.  I know some folks took videos so if it becomes available I will share the link and you can chuckle with me as I watch. In the group photos I am second from the right in the front. As I said, they are kind of blurry but you get the gist - I had my cheerleader smile on the whole time, too.

I had a great time. I am quite relieved to be done as the time commitment was impinging on our family quite a lot but I survived, had a great time, and when I was all done the kids and Hubby all told me how proud they were of me. That meant a lot to have them, as well as my mom and sis, cheering me on. I also truly appreciated my husband being so supportive of my Thursday nights at dance and always willingly hanging with the kids or coming home early so I could go to class. I know some husbands would gripe or complain or flat out refuse but as he always says, "How can it be babysitting if it's for your own children? It is a delight to hang with these little people."

Next year I'll be taking off to bond with the new baby and ensure 3 kids does not overwhelm our world too much.


Jenners said...

I think it is fabulous (and brave and cool) that you did this! I think one of the things that all moms need to do (and show to their children) is that moms have lives and wants and passions too!

Caitlin said...

I agree- so brave and wonderful! And you look beautiful on stage!! You will do great with 3- you'll see! you will be back up there in no time.