T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, May 31, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Part Two - Swimming

A big attraction on our vacation was the indoor, heated swimming pool at the hotel. Both kids will be taking swimming lessons this summer. It's just too cold here during the non-summer months for me to be the least bit motivated to take them to year round swimming. T is getting pretty good in the water but I still do not want him life-vest free unless either myself or his dad can be close by, and I am not a fan of swimming. I cannot recall when I lost my love of swimming but unless the water is a balmy 85-90 degrees I don't do swimming. The first night I did suit up "just in case", so I am throwing in a profile pic of me in my swim suit. It is not a maternity suit but I thought it is the first photo that actually shows the growing baby bump, otherwise, most folks cannot tell I am pregnant. Plus, I am reading my hypno-birthing book and it has reminded me to integrate the baby into our lives now so I am trying to do so already in the blog.

The kids had SO much fun. It took Lil Sister about 5 seconds to get the hang of the life vest and getting around in it. Like her first time swimming in this pool 3 years ago, she took to the water like a fish. Every night we were there the kids swam for at least an hour. Each night they made new friends. I was particularly proud of T because one evening there was another boy there that kept getting into trouble and he befriended that young man and kept him out of trouble. He is my little peacekeeper. 

Lil Sister was particularly proud of her hand-me-down swim suit complete with tutu and a strawberry on the front.  T was so happy that he could wear his glasses in the pool - those new sport glasses are getting their money's worth. The good thing about swimming was the kids slept really good come bed time. Speaking of sleeping, they would not sleep on the hotel beds - we had to make up bedrolls on the floor for them (aka pallets as they called them). Worked like a charm and they would sleep all night and we did not have to rent an extra room.


Caitlin said...

Love all of the posts!! And you look so cute- this is the first picture where I actually saw a baby bump!! ARe you planning on doing hypnobirthing this time around? Or did you with the older two and I just forgot?
Keep the pictures coming! :)

Julie Kieras said...

I love T snuggled in the towel - kids are so cute how they do that! sounds like a great family swim time!