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T Rex Family

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Part Three - Grave Site Visit

As I mentioned previously, our vacation was about family and teaching the kids about their elders as well as their ancestors. We made two stops at cemeteries up north. The first was to visit Uncle Twain's grave site. I actually never met him but he was Hubby's uncle, his mother's brother, and a World War II Veteran. He was actually a driver for several generals (probably General Patton at some point) during the war. We have quite a lot of his old war memorabilia. He was an amazing man. I have no photos from that first visit as it was quite cold and rainy. The kids were really good about not complaining and being reverent at the grave site and I just did not capture any photos on that blustery day.

The next day we met up with Grandma and Grandpa N and visiting Grandma and Grandpa Sumner's grave sites. Grandma Sumner aka Besta died about 6 weeks before T was born. Actually, prior to her passing we shared our chosen name for him. She promised not to tell anyone and even at he end, she would not tell. His middle name was her husband's, Grandpa Sumner's, middle name. T noticed it on the headstone and pointed it out. We took the opportunity to clean the headstone and enjoy the quiet and remember their lives. Besta was without Grandpa for over 50 years. She never remarried saying, "I just did not want to have to take care of an old geezer." She lived nearly 102 years. 

It was a beautiful visit to Besta's. We took advantage of the break in the weather and headed to her farm. Actually, Grandma N sold it a couple years ago but we still visit there and the family that took over is nice about allowing visits. More on that in the next posting. For now, here are the cemetery photos. 

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Julie Kieras said...

I'm very curious about how you presented the grave visits to the kids. I'm not sure how to talk about death with kids... I'm guessing you have some great suggestions being in the medical field and also being how thoughtful you are about everything...

The day looks lovely and what a fantastic trip!