T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Part Five- Visiting the University

On to more vacation photos - as I said, there is much to be said about such a simple vacation. I know it's not some action packed trip to the beach or Disney, but it was simple and perfect for us. We really are pretty simple folks and our kids are pretty much the same. We went out to our friends' farm today for a visit and the kids were content to pick weeds and throw rocks (more on that later) but we just feel life gets so full of busy, busy, busy that we need to enjoy calm and simple as much as possible.

This is our brief visit to T Rex Dad's university. We say we have a "mixed marriage" because we went to rival schools. He went up north and I attended school in the southwestern part of the state. We could add my grad school which is the state university out east but we won't confuse the matter too much. 

This is the University of Idaho located in Moscow, Idaho. We fully expect our children to attend a state university. At least that's what we are budgeting for. We figure the best way to encourage a post-secondary education is to take them regularly to the universities and talk with them about the future plans. At this point we are encouraging careers that are trades. For example, T wants to be a large animal veterinarian. I would consider that a career trade. As it would turn out, the state veterinary school is located at this university. He was very excited to once again visit the campus. Our last visit was three years ago and he was Lil Sister's age. She was just our tiny bean and stayed in the sling most of the time.

We took advantage of the break in the weather (much of our trip had temperatures of 32-39 degrees with rain and wind - cold) but our first break after we toured Besta's farm was to walk part of the vast campus. The first photos are of "Hello Walk". The rule is if you see someone walking along there you have to say "hello". Few folks were out since it is summer break and the weather had been frightful but still, the few we encountered we greeted. The kids walked past their grandparent's Greek homes where they lived while attending school 60+ years ago. We even purchased a few items at the Vandal store - still though, I cannot bring myself to wear Vandal attire. I'm a Bronco/Bengal. I did suggested they get mixed marriage shirts, though.


Kim said...

I love that idea of taking them to your alma mater's to encourage them to think about university. On a recent trip I told Deaglan about my university and promised to take him the next time we were in the area. It's hard to explain exactly what university is more than just "school" for big people:)

septembermom said...

I bring the kids to my college too. It would be cool if they went to the same school. Now with my oldest going into Junior year, we will be planning very soon for college! Love the red cape by the way :)