T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Part Six - Odds and Ends

There are a few other things I'd like to include from our trip but do not necessarily stand alone. 

First, the trip to the toy store. Charming toy store/drug store in the city of Moscow, Idaho. Hubby remembered this toy and hobby store from his university days and is so glad it is still there. Very fun stuff and we let the kids each pick a new item - Superman Legos (of course) for T and mermaid dolls for Lil Sister. They loved seeing the train run along the ceiling. Plus, there were so many fun toys and games to look at, too.

Next, random photos from our hotel stay. The kids LOVED staying in a hotel. They are still asking to go back. It's a little aged but charming. Every time we would come around a corner our little daughter had to hold her arms out to show the way - like a little Vanna White, I thought.

They also very much enjoyed sitting at the small table, having dinner or a snack, or having snacks and a show before dinner. It was Lil Sister's first taste of donuts. They also could not believe that on our vacation I allowed "unhealthy" potato chips to be eaten as a snack. See those special cups, too? From the Pantry Restaurant within the hotel where we ate many of our meals. These kids ate eggs, bacon, and toast two meals of a day on many of our days we were there. Between the complimentary "continental" breakfast and their favorite meal at the Pantry, they ate a lot of eggs.

As I said in a previous posting, the kids refused to sleep in beds. However, they would curl up with their dad and hear stories before bed. Unfortunately, they stayed up well past their bedtimes every night we were at the hotel. It has been tough to get them back on schedule. They liked staying up and sleeping in - I know that story. 

I had to include this photo of Lil Sister playing with her cars in the room. She really does love cars. Oh, she likes her princesses and girly stuff but she always goes back to cars. Here she is doing one of her favorite pastimes with the cars, parking them in their spots.  

Lastly, on our way out of town we met up with our adopted Aunt Betty. She is a very special lady to us with a special history. She really should have been Hubby's aunt but it just did not work out. She never married and travels around visiting all her nephews, nieces, great-nephews, great-nieces, and a few honorary ones like us, too. She is extremely spry for her experienced age. It was wonderful to catch up with her before we departed the northern part of the state.


Kim said...

Love that picture of your hubby reading to them. Your sweet little girl is getting so big!!

septembermom said...

I agree with Kim about how lovely the picture is with the kids curled up with Daddy. My kids (no matter how big they get) love hotels too! I wish that we lived closer my Jillian would just LOVE playing with your cute kids!