T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Pool Time

The kids started swimming lessons this past week. They are actually doing awesome. As it turns out, they are in different levels but their classes are combined so Lil Sister has been so happy to get to take her class with Brother. I like the main instructor but he is kind of a shady looking dude with lots of tattoos and earrings that overstretch his ears. I think he's kind of scary looking which has its advantages - the kids really listen to him, especially in a setting such as swimming which can be dangerous.

Since they've been taking lessons, we've also been trying to get as much swim practice in as possible. We are most fortunate to have some dear friends who have a pool. Not just any pool, but a really nice, well kept, heated pool. In contrast to our neighborhood pool which is usually crawling with people and freezing cold, this pool is actually warm enough for my tastes. 

Since the kids first started visiting this pool about a month ago, their swimming skills have been growing by leaps and bounds - literally. You should see T jump into the 8 foot end of the pool without his life vest and swim to either us or the edge. We still stand by for assistance but mostly, he can do it himself. 

Lil Sister has been also trying really hard to keep up with her brother but still cannot quite do solo but she still gets around pretty darn good with some assistance from a noodle, when needed. If I am by myself, I will still often insist on life vests but when both of us can be in the water, I do allow them to go without. Hubby did jump in holding onto Lil Sister so she could be like Big Brother but she still feels a bit shy about doing so alone. (I am glad she still has some hesitations.)

What about Baby Sister? She is great - also growing by leaps and bounds and getting stronger every day. Her little kicks and movements have been getting much more aggressive and she will not put up with the big kids squashing her when they ask for snuggles. Actually, they get a kick (pardon the pun) out of her little taps and kicks and will often not go to bed until she "wakes up and gives kicks".  As we hit our 24 week mark this week, I will post some profile pics later this week but for now, enjoy the pool photos.

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Sarah McKelvy said...

WOW!! Your children are getting so big.

I'm so thankful our apartment has a pool. My daughter still wears a life vest, but then she's not even three.