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T Rex Family

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Profile Pic Updates

So, it's been another 4 weeks since I posted profile pics. I will say, I feel like I'm getting big and clumsy but when I look at the photos they seem unimpressive. So, you can be the judge. I know I have body image issues and my mind is like a reverse car mirror - things appear larger than they actually are.

As far as other updates related to baby - not too much to tell. I am starting to have more good days than bad. For example, today has been a not-so-great day. Lots of dizziness, weakness, and nausea. Whereas yesterday, I was great - the kids and I were gone for 7 hours and I did not have a break until 8:00 pm when they went to bed. I even allowed them to skip naps for all our errand running which means no break for me. So, I'm not sure why one day I am great and the next I need to lay around all day. I keep trying to refocus my mind but I think there might be some physiologic process like blood pressure or glucose level that may be over-riding that mental mechanism.

I have my 24 week check up tomorrow so I don't have any new stats like weight gain or fetal heart rate. I can measure my own fundus and I know it's exactly where it needs to be and my blood pressures have been running a bit low but still fine. Fetal movement is good - somewhat aggressive if I do say so myself. Is it that 3rd children need to be tough to survive the older siblings? Especially an older brother who, like my Grandpa Z, gives really strong, somewhat painful hugs.

We started our child birth classes last week in the form of hypno birthing. Honestly, it was the best child birth class I have even been to. There was a whole segment on how the uterus works, specifically during labor and delivery. I think if more women understood that process less fear and hence less pain would be involved. We also talked about fears and over coming those fears related to labor. It was interesting to hear how we, as women, are programed to believe that child birth is supposed to be painful. Everything in the media points to these dramatic birth stories. I recall being at a bridal shower and being 39 weeks pregnant. One of the women there was totally paranoid I would have the baby during the shower. I kept explaining that it is a much longer process than we see in the movies/TV. Someone's water does not just break and the baby is then born 5 minutes later. 

I recall even before I experienced child birth for the first time having random women come up to me and sharing their horrible birth stories. I sure wished someone would have come up to me and told me her wonderful birth story. They do exist. Honestly, with my daughter's birth, it did not get bad until I went the route of meds. Up until that point, I actually was not in much pain, or at least I did not perceive myself to have much pain. Once my body was completely numb I then realized I was actually feeling discomfort prior to then. 

Even now when I explain we are planning a drug-free birth, folks ask, "Why?!?" or they nod their heads with a "yeah right" attitude. The only somewhat only mildly negative feedback I gave once when someone said she was planning a drug-free birth was, "If you have that wonderful experience you are planning, please don't look down on or make the rest of us who have had pain relief feel bad." That has happened to me and it was not fun. Sort of like discrimination and reverse discrimination. Of course, when dealing with pregnant women, is there ever a correct response? For now, I am just practicing being positive when I get the "Why?!?" response.

We also learned the first of some relaxation techniques which have also been helpful to get me sleeping. I've been struggling a bit with insomnia and hip pain so this has been great, too. It is also nice for Hubby to have some tools to use so he feels like he is a more active participant versus a bystander that just cuts the cord.

During our class we also talked about formulating a birth plan, or at least the beginnings of one. Thinking about how we want to deliver related to our environment, our support staff/partners, and the emotional aspect as well. Compared to the basic child birth class I had 6 years ago with my first, this was far superior, even if we end up not going all natural it will have been worth the experience and cost. 

Anyways, here are those photos. 22 weeks then 24 weeks. On a side note, in both these photos, the tops are my regular clothes but the pants are maternity.

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Sarah McKelvy said...

From the sound of it, the hypnobirthing class would be wise to take even if you don't have a drug free birth. There are times, I'm stressed and try to relax, but it's hard to do. I'll be praying for your birth, and that you're able to have a natural labor/delivery.