T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boris Bear

In T's kindergarten class, each child gets a turn having Borris Bear. The goal is to teach him various things, particularly manners, and also enjoy him. Well, last week T had to skip his term as we thought we might be having a baby. So, his turn was postponed until things were more stable. Needless to say, he was really disappointed. Today, though, when I was in the class doing art (we had the most awesome art projects - I cannot wait to show them off soon), his teacher said it was going to be his turn. He was SO excited.

So, Borris came to hang out with us for the day and night. Immediately, T asked for me to make him a scarf of blue and brown. He said with the weather getting cold he needed something to keep him warm. He insisted on teaching him some of his favorite things - chess and legos. Plus, he wanted to teach him about table manners - specifically using a fork to eat his food. He also tried on his Superman outfit on him and realized his own build-a-bear is the exact same size. He decided the two of them were long lost relatives.

Of course, Lil Sister had to get in on the action, too. Note - she is still in her princess nightgown - ALL DAY! We pick our battles around here. I understand, though. If I had a princess nightgown like that when I was her age, I would not have wanted out of it either. it's too cool. So here are our photos of Borris' visit. It was wonderful. We'll be including them in his book along with an accompanying story of what we did together and what we taught him about manners. (By the way, the last photo is a rare one of our little guy minus his classes - he has such handsome blue eyes. Someday when he gets contacts it will be wonderful for him to show off those eyes. Plus, it's just cool he has blue eyes when the rest of us all have hazel/brown. Wonder what the newest little one will have?)

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Julie Kieras said...

Oh he does have handsome eyes! My A. has the blue eyes from hubby's family and E. has my brown eyes. :)

I LOVE the bears and princess nightgown. Your kids are just soo cute!

Now I'm wondering if I could start a Boris Bear type of program among the homeschoolers in my church. It would be nice to have a soft friend like that to encourage the kids!