T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Punkin (Pumpkin) Patch 2013

This weekend was our pumpkin harvest. If you recall, each year we are invited to Good Neighbor D&M's parents' farm for pumpkin picking. If you recall, this year the kids helped with the planting. It was fun to see all the pumpkins being selected.

If you would like to walk down memory lane with our various visits, here are a couple of links. This is from our very first year. Lil Sis was just a tiny bean, less than a year old. She actually slept most of the time. Here's from two years ago. Last year we had so many fun adventures, I actually did a whole series of postings

These days I am pretty tired, uncomfortable, and grouchy. Thus, just a few photos. It was actually pretty nice this year. The kids were fairly independent and happy to participate and run with the other kids. Hubby and I actually had a nice visit with few kid interruptions. 

T was a little apprehensive but agreeable to drive the tractor this year. Both kids loved riding in the back of the gator truck. These also were very eager to pick pumpkins, too - especially the tiny ones. Plus, one of these gatherings is not complete without Good Neighbor M's special sugar cookies - both frosted and unfrosted. 

Lately T asks us daily what the highlight of our day is. Often I tell him to ask again at the end of the day. However, today Hubby took a photo of one of my daily highlights. On the way over to the farm, the kids were listening to Veggie Tales Silly Songs. The song playing was Dance of the Cucumber. It's quite hysterical and the kids are getting to the age where they understand some of the subtle as well as not so subtle humor. I was cracking up listening to them crack up at the funny humor. Hence, the photo in the car (plus, it shows off Lil Sister's funny headband she insisted on wearing). Otherwise, the rest are from the farm and our fun time.

Just a couple other updates before the photos. Hubby starts a new job tomorrow which he is very excited about, tomorrow the kids start afterschool and preschool just on Mondays and Fridays when I work, and the minivan arrived on Friday. Nothing like just a few changes going on. We've been talking for a while about sending Lil Sister to preschool. She's been begging to go actually. Since me mom is still not well enough to watch the kids, we opted to start her in school and then extend T's school time to include after school as well (again just on my work days). It's going to be a big change for all of us. Plus, Hubby's new work hours are earlier than at his old job so we're going to have to work on our night owl behaviors and get on a strict schedule. 

As far as the baby, I really feel like she's ready to come out. Now we need to get my body to cooperate. She's sitting at zero station (head down) which I've never had a baby sit that low for so long. It's nice to be able to eat and breathe again but the really frequent bathroom breaks and other "stuff" is not-so-fun. I am dilated a couple centimeters but I know I can hang out at that point for weeks. The nurse practitioner I've been having follow me these past few visits says when things kick off they should go fast but gosh these prodromal contractions at all hours of the day are starting to get old. I keep telling myself I'm being boiled slowly rather than being thrown into the frying pan. As I always say, all babies come out eventually. So, just keep going. 

For now, enjoy the farm photos...


Caitlin said...

Cute pictures and looks like you got GREAT weather! I Loooove sister's headband! haha!

Julie Kieras said...

I literally cannot believe how big the kids are getting. And school!!? wow - time flies - I have been reading your blog a long time now and it never gets old to hear the sweet stories about your sweet family!
Love the punkin patch and the "highlight of the day"