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T Rex Family

Thursday, January 2, 2014

December Activities - Part VI - Miss M's visit...

In a previous posting of the December Activities series, I mentioned the gifts Hubby gave me for Christmas. I had two things on my wish list - fly my childhood friend up for a visit and to go see The Hobbit. (Baby was my everything gift for 2013 but he insisted on getting me something despite my protests.)

It has been nearly 10 years since my friend, Miss M (I've always addressed her with a Miss before her name), has been up to visit me here. Once we met up in Delaware when I was traveling on business but that was 8 years ago and 5 children ago. At that time she had two little boys aged 2 and 3 and I was without children. Now she has 4 children and I have 3. We met in junior high, attended high school and even a bit of college together. We have much in common both having a background in piano, although, she is a full blow music teacher now. I went a different direction into health care. Still, we both have a love of piano music. She was also a string bass player in high school and college. 

Actually for Christmas I gave her two matching necklaces - one with a treble clef and one with a bass clef. She was to choose which one she wanted and return the other to me. In the end she chose the bass clef but I know it was a tough decision for her. I wanted some special friend jewelry for her gift but could not decide which to choose. I will proudly wear the treble clef necklace and always think of her while I do so.

We have had lots of adventures through the years - too many to document here. We both used to be world class cookie bakers. I actually cannot believe I did not take a photo of our 12 dozen cookie baking extravaganza during her visit. We did not intend to bake so many. Let's just say we're out of practice and had to make that many if we did not want to start over.

It was such a great gift to have her fly in Christmas day. We started her her visit with a big feast of turkey, roast beef, and tamales. (She loves Mexican food.) That night we stayed up until 2 am talking into the wee hours of the morning.

The following day while I took the kids to the library I dropped her off at the salon - she has never had her hair done at a salon. She was very excited to have the experience.

The next day she hung out with the kids (they LOVED her - I never had a doubt) and they played a lot including some of the games they received for Christmas as well as making sushi out of clay. I took her by my office so she could see where I work and we did some regular things like shop for groceries. I must say it was nice having the extra help - like having a second me around. She's used to a house full of kids so she was very helpful and understanding of the chaos. In fact, she offered to watch the kids while Skip and I went to see The Hobbit! It was wonderful knowing our kids were in such great hands. She brought an air popper for popcorn and they had a good time popping corn and watching Despicable Me 2. Later that night the kids fell asleep and we stayed up watching Mickey Blue Eyes - she had never seen it and it's one of my personal favorite comedies - just appeals to my sense of humor. The Hobbit was fun but I enjoyed the home movie better.

The Saturday she was here we had a girls' day out including pedicures, lunch at Cheese Cake Factory, and shopping. We left the boys behind and my sister and mom joined us. Great fun. We found some nice clothes both casual and work 

Sunday was a quiet day with plenty more chatter before she took off the next day. We also baked cookies that day and strung beads with the kids.

Having lots of experience with her own babies, she was our baby whisperer while visiting. She often took the evening fussy time so I could get chores done or just have a break. It was great. Baby loved her and I know Miss M enjoyed the baby snuggles.

Such a great trip - it took no time at all (literally) to reconnect. We've stayed in touch all these years and still exchange birthday and Christmas packages every year. I am grateful for her friendship and that we have stayed in touch despite distance, life changes, and lots of kids. Thanks to my Hubby for setting it all up and thank you Miss M for making the trip and sharing the holidays with us. It was truly the best Christmas ever with the kids being such a great age and having my dear friend for a visit.

This concludes the December Activities Series. Thanks for another year of sharing our adventures with us. We wish you all the best in the new year with much happiness and success to come this 2014.


Grandpa n Grandma Whitney said...

Best wishes to you & your sweet family. Thanks for sharing!

Julie Kieras said...

First, you look amazing post baby! And second, I loved Mickey Blue Eyes too - I have to revisit that one!
Also - loved the Hobbit. What a fun time!! :)