T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, January 2, 2014

December Activities - Part V - Winter Garden-a-Glow...

 It was simply the perfect night to visit the Winter Garden-a-Glow.

There was freshly fallen snow which makes the evening a bit brighter and the lights more spectacular. It was cold but we dressed for it. 

The designs are always a bit different so every year there is something new to see. There are still our traditional favorites to visit - model trains, reindeer, bell, and snacks (sugar cookies and hot cider). 

It was a busy night and we had quite the hike from our van but we survived and actually had a pretty great time. When we arrived home the kids saw their snowman surprise ending a great evening.

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Julie Kieras said...

Oh my, I think I recall pictures from previous years and wow the kids are getting big! I love this activity and wish we had something like it near us - we just have a drive through event but it's not a very long drive! :) Love the train!