T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recent Projects...

I have a little helper these days when it comes to my crochet projects. However, I did also manage to pull together one sewing project in the past few weeks, too.

Some for birthday gifts, some for charity auction, and some just because.

First, our Plants vs Zombies family continues to grow - Pea Shooter, Snow Pea Shooter, Watermelon (the newest member), and Sunflower. The kids just love them, T especially. They work up pretty fast so instant gratification.

Next, a Bee. This was for my boss Dr. J. I thought it was cleaver giving an allergist a bee. He suggested I make one for the kids' plant collection. Cleaver! The bee was started on the day I had my hair/make up done and we had our family photo shoot. I look forward to sharing those photos with you soon.

Next a black and gold shawl for a charity auction for my nephew's school. The school colors are black and gold. It turned out so lovely. I took a photo of it being blocked out because I finished it about 2 hours before the silent auction started.

A baby duck for a baby shower gift.

Owl towels with owl trivet for Baby's sitter - she's pretty special to us so we went all out. 

Last photo is how I get a lot of my crocheting done these days. She likes to watch my new "lite hook". This way I can crochet in the dark in the wee hours of the morning or late at night while everyone else sleeps and baby is often awake.

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